SFV Bits, your pocket reference for Street Fighter V is available on iOS now

Hello SRK, we just releasedSFV Bits (for those of you who used the SF4 app, you might recognize the name). Here is the list of features available currently in SFV Bits:

-** Frame data**, you can lookup, sort and edit the frame data in the app. If you decide to edit the frame data, your changes will be saved as a separate copy and you can switch between your custom changes and the default on from Options. (Rotate to landscape to see more frame data)

  • Matchups section that contains Block Punish and Notes:
    In Block Punish, you can check out which moves are guaranteed to punish your opponent when you block their move (based on frame data, this feature will also use the active database u set in Options)
    In Notes, you can add text and video notes in this section, either generic character notes or matchup specific ones. Add your YouTube setups/tech/matches as video notes and watch them in the app without the need to switch to the YouTube app or to a browser. You will also see a list of suggested video notes to get you started.

Hope you guys like the app, please let us know what you think and send us feedback!

Just downloaded. Loved the punish list. Hope to see Alex get added soon

Yo this app is freaking dope. Nice job!