SFV Buffs, Nerfs and Fixes Thread. UPDATED with new Beta 4 data. White chip damage buffed

“Gief: - can no longer combo into EX SPD. Only super.”

Is that really true? UltraDavid said he did something along the lines of “jump in, cr. short xx ex spd” at canada cup.

That’s why I put quotations there. Was something I heard, but can’t confirm.

No, the quotations were mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right LOL. Guess I’ll go ask in the Gief thread. I thought I heard somewhere that they pretty much relegated him to comboing into super only, now that I think about it I can’t remember.

So I was right LOL. @gwolfe confirmed that EX SPD is just a standard throw now and no longer combos.

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I gotta’ be honest, I’m kinda’ glad Cammy can’t do Cannon Strike from a neutral jump. A Cammy who is good at the Hooligan mind games is going to be quite a bitch to fight. So at least you have one less thing to worry about.

Just thinking, saying o = fixes might not be best. Perhaps o = neither nerf nor buff or o = horizontal change. Something like that.

For example, is Bison’s forward dash becoming a teleport really a “fix”? Nothing about it was broken or working incorrectly before. Plus it IS significantly slower now.

Fix, alteration, guess I could use a different word or just generically fit it into “other” that combines all those things.

Gonna just copy paste all the data I can find and then separate later.

Bison Beta 2 changes that wasn’t included :-

  • Cr.hp deals 70 (down from 90) in its later active frames.
  • Headstomp deals reduced damage to airborne opponent ,80 from 100.
  • V-trigger cancels damage reduced across the board.
  • Psycho Blast hitbox significantly reduced.

Didn’t someone confirm that Karin’s st.mp is now 0 on block instead of +2? Or was that just a rumour?

Haven’t heard much about changes to Karin.

@Eternal I’ve got a lot of data for the beta 1 characters. Lemme know if you have any extra changes for the beta 2 characters or Laura and Gief. Info is more scarce for them.

Sorry no, most of the stuff I got by comparing toolassisteds frame data to gilley’s.

From the build at Gamestart Asia 2015.


  • V-Trigger Cannon Spike V-gauge consumption has been reduced.

Any kind of empty jump is susceptible to being command grabbed and there’s very few options to stop it. You can’t backdash, jump, mash Jab, or throw the grounded opponent. Their command grab will nail you every time. The only way to stop that is to take a huge risk and do a super or SRK-like move.

I think regular throws should beat grabs in addition to jabs coming out slower. I assume something like this is being worked on and Capcom isn’t that stupid.

Since Beta 2, the first hit of EX Bullhead creates more pushback. As a result, you can’t connect s.MP and do any worthwhile combos after cancelling EX Bullhead into V-trigger.
s.LK also gained more pushback iirc.

St LK to St MP does not work anymore for Birdie, but St LP does work after

¿No more buffs / nerfs?

There probably are some, but it would take a while to get someone to respond with anything that’s changed for the beta 2 characters. Probably just wait for beta 3 to get more stuff in.

Wonder how much will the characters change in Beta 3. Will they revert some things? Will they continue to add stuff?

Hopefully people from the showfloor if there’s going to be the newest SF5 build with Fan will be able to point out the changes as well

That means there was another nerf. In Beta2 his slk was +7 and sMP was 7F startup. :confused: