SFV Censorship

Censorship has absolutely no place in gaming in 2015. I think I speak for the vast majority of gamers here and everywhere.

Frankly, as a feminist it disgusts me that this extreme group has taken over. Mainstream feminism is disgusted by censorship, mainstream feminism is about sexual expression, sexual liberation that many women fought for. It is a shame that a radical person has overtaken it and replaced its values with totalitarianism and censorship.

We can no longer ignore this group of extremists from taking over the hobby. I encourage people to organize here and I’ll inform you on how we can make our voices be heard to Capcom. Don’t buy into the ESRB excuse- that’s PR nonsense, if we make enough noise we can get this changed, there is still time guys, but we have to make our voices be heard, that this extreme group does NOT represent the mainstream gaming community.

How old are you?

Old enough to not be offended by an innocent butt slap.

The censorship literally removes the charm from Mika’s super.

Nobody wants censorship, and we need to make noise and let Capcom know. Because if you just stand by and say “oh it’s not a big deal” then theyll make even more bad changes.

I can’t believe Combofiend would let this happen. He should be ashamed of himself.

In 1999s Soul Calibur, Voldo does a pose where his veiny white ass jiggles and his junk is literally in your face. Astroroths Pecks also jiggled. But at the time it was incredible because, you know, prior to Dreamcast you could never see detail like that, 3D graphics were either pixelated (ps1) or blurry (n64). Had they censored that I would be JUST as outraged. It’s stylistic and this literally ruins the charm it originally had.

It’s 2015 not 1955. Censorship has no place whatsoever in gaming. Guys if enough of us speak out they will change the game back to the way it was. Organize here and I’ll inform everyone on the most effective strategy to defeating this nonsense.

An option. To please everybody.
One for the SJW, one for regular not trying to get japan’s games banned in america nigga.

Keep the split they make the characters getting hit with a powerbomb do as a toggle.
Toggle. Choice. Decision. Option.

It starts off slowly like this, then ends up as


  1. Go to rule34
  2. Agree to the legal waiver
  3. Type “Mika_Nanakawa”
  4. Hit enter
  5. Fap
  6. Punch yourself in the dick afterwards for getting so mad about a change in camera angle.

A toggle option would be fine.

^ I get it but this isn’t about butts and boobies, it’s about censorship and artistic expression. Let’s not devolve the conversation.

This is a bigger issue than you realize. Slippery slope. Mika’s critical art was charming, it was funny, this literally ruins it. I applaud the artist who came up with it, it was clever.

I would be just as appaled if for example, Voldo or Asteroth were censored in Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast. We are all adults here, if you think this about jacking off to digital polygon women then please leave, you’re missing the point and being childish.

Parryall, everybody, just make this “noise” on capcom unity because they probably don’t even read these huge threads on srk.
It should be a toggle.

Rule 34 is terrible.
This is discussion about a man complaining about half second one handed clap.

While it is not a big deal in the aesthetic sense[the move lost it’s impact with the power bomb change]
The ethics behind it are questionable.
Do not freak out. While this thread was mildly funny I wish you posted this in the she’s stone cold thread man.

Now I see why high profile members of the FGC don’t post here. Childish responses, should have expected this.

It is a big deal. It totally ruins the character and the critical art.

I’m trying to recruit people for a campaign. I know Capcom isn’t reading this thread. But if I’m just going to get “oh come on it’s a 2 second clip” or “lol boobies and butts” posts then I see I’m wasting my time here.

You guys are sitting around making fun of me and this topic, probably because what, it’s just cool to not care and if you care you’re just a pervert right? More like you’re controlled, and you’re letting one extreme person, and we all know who I’m talking about, literally dictate what is and isn’t acceptable in this hobby and art form.

Try to see the bigger picture here for one minute.

No it isn’t. NOTHING was censored. Stop trying to make this into something it is not.

Capcom want money, and believe a Teen rating will yield higher profits. Therefore, Capcom willingly obliged and adhered to ESRB’s criteria for a Teen rating.

Here is a quote from Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren:

"First and foremost, it’s a product still in development, so things get tweaked as we go along. If something could be considered ‘going too far,’ then we might have to scale things back.

“We work very closely with the ESRB to make sure we’re a Teen rated franchise, and that’s the primary, driving factor."

Now quit your rebel without a cause whining and STFU about it.

That is PR nonsense. The game, as it was in the previous build, would NOT violate a teen rating. They are giving in to the demands of a couple neoGAF posters who lost their shit during the R.Mika reveal. That is it. That is the issue.

You’re completely wrong. The game is censored. Short of a big black CENSORED bar on R.Mika as she does the Critical Art, they’ve thrown a big fat middle finger to the person who programmed it. You think I’m upset? Believe me that artist is LIVID.

If mika and the other one just took a leg then just rocketed up the sky like a ridiculous version of potemkin and took out the ass eating contest then it’d make sense.
like they rocket up the sky with an actual rainbow from their feet, then when they go back down they land on their knee and foot with a powerful powerbomb.

But in all seriousness it’s not a big deal, it’s just dumb to keep everything else the same.

This is how it always goes on SRK. Can’t get any traction or support. Instead someone analyzes your posts until they can find something in them to object to and argue for the sake of arguing. I am really surprised, people are actually defending this crap? No wonder it happened in the first place.

If you’re totally cool with censorship then fine, keep it to yourself because I didn’t create this thread to argue with people. Feminism is NOT about censorship it’s about sexual liberation. Censorship is totalitarianism. I will not accept it in my games.

Hopefully I get some voices in here who are down with making positive change. If you are, don’t be ashamed to post your support, and I’ll let everyone know what we can do to get Capcom to change the game back. Don’t, for one second, give a crap what other members of SRK think, they don’t matter. Everyone at tournaments and events that I’ve met over the years knows the person I am, I have countless friends I’ve made over the years, those are the people that matter, not faceless jerks who like to argue online.

Get behind me guys and I will lead us to victory. For the rest of you go troll somewhere else.


Whole lot of strawmanning in here.

“Stop being mad at a camera angle change.” - Missing the point.

“Go jerk off.” - Just embarrassing. Where’d you learn to debate, the toilet store?

“I don’t believe that a sufficiently mature audience should be denied an artist’s expression, no matter how ‘base’ that expression, because of the disapproval of the few. I don’t believe that a minority of puritans should be able to influence or deny me the content that I should be able to freely enjoy.” - The point.

You really have zero sense of the artistry and creativity that went into it. It’s funny, clever and makes perfect sense and really fits the character. It’s expressive.

With the censorship, for people that have never seen earlier builds, it’s going to be a combination of “what the hell” and “they seriously censored her slapping her ass, how corny”.

Anyways… What you’re suggesting is disgusting. Seriously how is talk like that even allowed here? What is wrong with you?