SFV character for a given playstyle

Hi everybody.

I am a new player of sf, SFV will be my first street fighter. I have never had a console or pc to play it properly and now I have the PS4 I am going to start playing it. Although I have my playing time very restricted (uni+work) I like to play games very competitively (learn the basics and best practices and studying trying to improve my gameplay) so expect hours of training and learning/watching videos to have a depth understading of the character and matchups.

After this brief introduction, lets get into the question. Ive been looking for other threads similar in the forum and I havent found a proper answer so here it is:

Which character (in the initial 16) of SFV will be more suitable for a solid/defensive playstyle with huge punishments options? I don’t like suicide/rush play. Im looking for a patient gameplay that can desperate my rival (if playing better than him ofc) with a solid defense and also be able to read my oponents moves to punish them really hard. I really love agile characters . I also woul like it to be a mid-high tier (i know there is no proper tier until the game is released, but i guess more experienced players would have a basic idea of what chars are going to be slighly worse or bettter than the rest).

TL;DR: one of the 16 SFV chars, pref med-high tier, solid defense, high punishment options and agile.

If you need more info about my preferences feel free to ask.

Thank you all in advance.

Birdie, Vega, Chun Li, Cammy.

Also, it’s way too early to call tiers.

Thank you for the reply! Im considering chun li, because Im not a huge fan of jumping and birdie seems very slow for me. :slight_smile:

If you want solid defense, how about waiting for Guile who will be released sometime during the year as a Season 1 DLC.

I’m in the same boat, where SFV will be my first SF game. I’m planning on starting with Ryu, since from what I’ve heard, he’s typically a good character to learn the fundamentals. I’m not sure he’s an exact fit for what you’re looking for, but he normally seems like a jack of all trades character, so I’d think he’d be decent at defense/punish/movement.

Vega or Chun-Li would be your best bet. Especially Vega. Very mobile, with long range pokes. Forces your opponent to respect his neutral game. While Chun-Li has a bit of a zoning game with her projectile and just as solid pokes as Vega. But ( this is coming from SF4 ) Vega has poor reversal options. If he gets pressured or knocked down. He’s in trouble.

Cammy,Vega and Chun-Li would probably all fit you.

Cammy has long range pokes and good options against jumping and fireballs. Her damage was also really good,during the last Betas. She can be turtle or aggresor.

Chun has a little bit less range on her normals, a projektile with decent recovery and kinda shity startup, two good anti-air Normals. And strong damage with V-Trigger.

Vega is a glascannon, with good range on his normals,good damage, kinda annoying specials.

You should wait for his release before calling him solid and defensiv. Remind yourself that Nash was basicly a Guile clone during the Alpha series.

Has F.A.N.G. been playable in the latest beta? I didn’t get a chance to play it so I’m not sure but he looks like he might be a viable option for defensive play with poison/keep away.

He wasn’t, but he probably would be what the OP is looking for.

Personally hoping that Boxer and Guile are like their more traditional versions, I need my charge characters