SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread 2.0


Follow up on Honda:

Honda stage

Since we have already a sumo like stage in SFV and were lacking new interactive nostalgia stages. I think this would work wonders for honda, plus it’s a decent for individual story mode stages for many different characters that appeared in the alpha.

Something like a win win situation and the best of the best because it is a multiple call back from several Capcom games like Puzzle Fighter, Mahvel and CVS, plus it’s the most memorable Alpha one stage.


Keith Wolfman with Tonfas

and a CA like this

but with them instead

and another interesting character is Necro

Instead of Stagger they could also make it like it damages the stun gauge if in that area. So it would latter lead to a unblockable attack if stayed long.

The Vtrigger 2 is Effie something that she would be like Maya of Phoenix Wright rather than Nadeshiko because it feels redundant.

Her purpose is not to attack the enemy like Nadeshiko but rather being Necro’s defender.

That will also help Necro lead in better situation to take advantage of his long range specials and normals attack.


How by having Effie be like Maya in MVC3 that either creates a barrier or pick a random object to block and absorbs the opponent attacks.


We could finally see a SF2 and SF3 crossover like Blanka x Necro and Necro x Dhalsim