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Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"
Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"
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Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"
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The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!
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I think they need to cover new countries and martial art styles that havent been covered. New stereotypes that havent been done before.

Dictator’s master :


Characters from buried Capcom fighters would be great, Rival Schools, Power Stone, hell I’d consider Darkstalkers buried now too so even that.

I just want a Sonny Chiba character.


I’d like to see more originality with any new characters where they might not be defined by a martial art but still have an interesting and thoughtful street fighting style. Like imagine you had a nimble little grappler character who couldn’t do much damage until you landed a command throw. Or maybe a character has some otg setups/combos but a really shitty sweep or anti airs or footsies.

Too many characters in 4 had a special move that just went full screen, through or around fireballs, and could knock you down. It made many match ups just feel bland and redundant. I’d love if in 5 you had maybe 1 or 2 characters who could do this and everyone else had to throw a fireball back, block, or jump.

It’s not about bringing in other capcom characters for variety and that’ll make the game good, it’s about balanced game mechanics.

Maybe someone to represent canada. But other then that…nothing really. I got Juri. I don’t need anyone else.

I’d like someone that plays like a SFxT Mishima. You know, with the wave dash and chain combos.

Tom, Dorai, Zeku (no Guy if he appears though), Haggar (no Zangief if he appears), Bandaged child (from SF4), Makoto’s brother (no Makoto if he appears), Rose’s master (no Rose if she appears)

I’ve actually thought about this topic before and have a few ideas that I might as well share. Brace yourselves.

Gyouko (Gouken’s Daughter):

Remember her? Red haired female fighter around Ryu’s age, dressed similar to Hokuto from SF Ex. She wears a straw hat like Raiden from MK that she takes off at the beginning of the round.

She is not a shoto in the same way that Gouken isn’t really a shoto. I imagined her moveset to be a direct counter to Akuma’s, with her innate ability to parry and negate his attacks. She has no fireball or dragon punch whatsoever. The most unshoto shoto you can imagine, yeah that, that’s her.

Her name is a female Japanese name, chosen for its alphabetical similarities to Gouken/Gouki/Ryu.

Ares (Phobos/Deimos):

An advanced G-Project soldier like Twelve from SF3. What makes this character unique is that it is actually 2 characters, Phobos and Deimos, that you can switch between like Gen switches between stances; an innate tag team similar to Noob-Smoke from MK Deception. They are similar in appearance to Twelve but are taller and more upright (meant to reflect their more evolved state). Ares is to Twelve as Man is to Monkey or something like that.

One would excel at defense while the other at offense, both being capable of morphing their bodies into a variety of shapes and forms, like living weapons. Switching between the two allows for some very advanced and beautiful combo possibilities combining both stances. One of their super arts allows them to fuse together into a more monstrous, stronger variation, known as Ares, for a duration. Ares has moves from both Phobos and Deimos as well as a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Names stem from the Greek myth of Ares, the god of war, and his terrible children Phobos and Deimos


A male member of Delta Red that is a cross between the guy in Cammy’s SF4 prologue and a male version of Tracy from Battle Arena Toshinden. He hails from Portugal.

His fighting style is inspired by the Krav Maga. Which is a hungarian/israeli combat fighting style used by law enforcement as well as military.

His name comes from one of my favorite childhood animes Phoenix 2772.


Sebastian is a Swedish fighter who lost both of his legs in an accident but is determined to continue selfishly pursuing his passion anyway (even at the expense of his integrity). So in their place he has prosthetic bionic legs implanted that enhance his fighting in different ways (cheater!). He is tall, blond, bearded and built like a mother (kinda looks like Techno Viking, look him up).

His fighting style is Combat Glima which puts him the wrestler/grappler category. What makes him unique is his usage of the prosthetics, which boost his jumps, speed, and can function as a second set of arms even, extending his reach (4 handed grappler!). This makes him a bit of a long range and agile grappler, who can even initiate attacks from a knocked down state.


Sati is a 9 year old girl that was rescued/bought by Buddhist monks from Balrog (Boxer) after SF4 (you didn’t think I was going to leave that kid with Balrog now did you?). We learn that she is an unstable SIN experiment that secretly tried to replicate Bison’s psycho power. She has since been adopted by said Buddhist monks and sheltered in Nepal where she has been trained to calm her mind and maintain control of herself. This is because Sati is super powerful and can be very destructive when angered, losing sight of herself and just start blowing shit up. Sati also ages very fast, and isn’t expected to live long. Her motivation is to find out about her origins, she telepathically senses other beings with similar powers and seeks them out for answers.

Her appearance is very gender neutral, her head is shaved and she wears a bunch of orange or maroon robes and sandals. You can’t immediately identify that she is a girl.

Her play style revolves heavily on her powers rather than any actual fighting skill. Her hands glow like Rose/Bison and so do her eyes on occasion. She telekinetically uses objects in the background of each stage as weapons, extending her reach, and amplifying her strength. She can levitate and do fancy Soul/Psycho power shenanigans but without the focus and skill of either Bison or Rose (use your imagination). Throw in a bit of Oro in there as well.

The name Sati has many relevant meanings in both Hindu and Buddhist contexts, but mainly it’s inspired by the Goddess.


Tamara is a female fighter from Iran, she is motivated by feminist ideals and a desire to prove that woman are on equal footing to men to her home country. So she joins the tournament to piss off a lot of assholes back home.

Originally I imagined her disguised as a man and only revealing that she is a woman much later in her storyline, but this is SF so we can also go the very stereotypical route and have her look like Pullum Purna from SF Ex.

For her playstyle, we can make use of one of any number of unused martial arts that we can introduce into the universe through her.

Her name is a Persian female name.


Naraku is a Japanese warrior that is conceptually heavily inspired by Garuda from SF Ex and Hachiman from the 80s Thundercats cartoon (as well as the Japanese mythology). Naraku is haunted by the spirits of his ancestors who have fallen to SNH. Thus he’s motivated by a desire to put an end to SNH, erasing the discipline and its teachers from history - so he can sleep better at night, literally. This places his story in direct antagonism to Akuma, Gouken, Ryu, and Ken (as he views them all as potential SNH users). It should be noted that Naraku views himself as good and he means well but he just wants the bad voices to stop (he maybe crazy). He likes Guy though, no homo.

Naraku dons a samurai suit that has been passed down to him and as a result appears and plays similar to a samurai. He uses a sword during some of his attacks but also displays some mystical properties in his fighting style (his ancestors give him a hand every now and then). He basically plays like a mix between Garuda and Haohmaru from SS.

Naraku’s name comes from the name of the Buddhist hell or purgatory. This is meant to reflect the psychological state of the character who is being tormented by his ancestors until he does what he needs to do.


Celestine is one of the elders in the Illuminati, a guardian of their doctrine and an arbiter of sorts, ensuring the transition of power from one president/emperor to the next. We can infer that Celestine is very, very old and very powerful from this.

Celestine is a very tall skinny black man from Egypt, that dons a white robe and extensive and ornate gold jewelry (think Xerxes from 300). He resembles ancient Egyptian priests (again must keep with the stereotypes).

His fighting style revolves around his weapon of choice, a 2 meter long mystical gold rod, that can change shape. Melting into a boomerang projectile or bending at the sharpest angles. Very tricky and powerful old man he is.

The name Celestine was chosen for its religious/historical connotations.

And fucking Haggar already!

If you read all of that, you are awesome and I wish you to father my children. So many children. <3

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i just want Oro, Alex, and Necro and i don’t want dumbed down versions of them like Makoto in SF4. that was a major disappointment for me when super came out and Makoto was a little bitch with a shitty karakusa and relied on a weird new axe air kick to do everything. that’s also why i don’t want Makoto in this version because i know they will mess her up.

I liked this, the others I don’t really see them working in SF either in gameplay or background, you try to make the things too much grounded in real world (including a lot of not really popular countries), I don’t think that’s the idea with Street Fighter.

As for Celestine, make it a female, I think mainly weapon-users are for games like King of Fighters, so I don’t really see that in Street Fighter, that is really hardcore into martial artists.

a character that got Garudas style

More South American, African, and Middle Eastern characters pls. And from anywhere besides Brazil and Kenya again.

Just more brown characters who aren’t stereotypes. Looking at you, Dhalsim, Hakkan, and Elena. :confused:

But for Capcom characters who haven’t appeared in an SF game, uhhh… Remy’s dad? Sure, he left his family to fight, etc, but there’s a story to mine from that, I’m sure.

off the top of my head right now:
An australian stereotypical dundee, style: cody crossed with mick dundee (i’m australian. no racist)

A female version of Ken. Doesn’t give a shit, non-serious attitude, beach babe surfer, Style- Ken’s speed and stepkicks crossed with Elena

Frenchman, - think Gambit from xmen, like a rolento that’s more honest and footsie based, less BS shenanigans.

Sailor: Captain Haddock from tintin, pipe smokin, salty sea dog, style: confident heavy hitter, non martial art looking style, slow speed

I don’t really care about nationality as long as the character looks and fight cool. Look at Street Fighter III, most of the characters from the latter installments (Q, Twelve, Urien) don’t even have a nationality or have nothing to do with the country they supposedly represent (Oro, Remy), and sometimes when the designers try to represent a different country it ends up horribly wrong (El Fuerte is a terrible Mexican stereotype from most angles).

That said, I’d like an Australian fighter.

Very vivid imagination. Would be great to see some those ideas!

Abel is probably Remy’s dad.

That’s not really a fair criticism considering since each iteration of the game has introduced very un-Street Fighter things, expanding the boundaries of what is SF and what is not SF. Besides that, most characters I have proposed already have precedents in the game (e.g. weapon users, freaks), so they are not very alien.

The choice beind some of the countries was based on regions in the world that are yet to be represented. But as you said, the countries in SF haven’t been important since SF2, but it’s still a tradition that should be maintained IMO even if it is irrelevant.


Ty. :slight_smile:

The only 2 new characters I can think of I’d like to see, are King Cobra (who they changed and made into Rufus), and a character that someone came up with I read about months ago named Sho, to complete the Sho-Ryu-Ken thing.

I like the idea of a “Sho” character who may have been another disciple of Gouken, or even Akuma (before he went all demony), and his story could be he wants to stop and/or kill Akuma for all of his misdeeds.

As for King Cobra, I said before in another thread, and I tweeted Ono this idea as well, about having King Cobra be added (along with Rufus) as a palette swap of sorts, similar to Yun/Yang. His story could be that he originally wanted to enter the SF4 tournament but felt he wasn’t strong enough to take on Ken yet, but this “other” fighter named Rufus had “stolen” his moves and entered instead. He could enter SF5 and be out for revenge against Rufus (as an inside joke to King Cobra becoming Rufus in the final game), but still wanting to face Ken to test his talents. King Cobra and Rufus both could have similar attacks, as Ryu/Ken/Akuma, or Yun/Yang.

Anyway, those are my 2 character choices: Sho, and King Cobra.