SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


To me look a weak attempt to add variety to a bunch that lack of variety

This is variety

Both genders, various height, weight, builds, clothes, martial arts, power/speed ratio, concept

A single SF design (even the hated ones, often specially the hated ones) have a lot of work behind it… a search of theme, a vibe, sources, lines, color schemes, and the purpose of adding a “missing piece” to the cast

SFV Dolls are a bunch of anime waifus with not much more charadesign than try hard to pretend old SFA cammy sprite-edits are now someway unique, but at the end they are what they are


So Juri, Rashid, and Ibuki are shotos?


Rashids rising physical move is technically not a dp motion… but yeah, according to this rule juri and ibuki have been turned into shotos in SFV


I mean you can use this same argument for people wanting niche characters too. People asking for Sodom,Q…etc. People are just going to try them out and then dump them after the novelty wears off. At least Sagat,Akuma,Sakura players will stick to the character.

Also why are you making it out like this is my opinion? I am just trying to guess how Capcom would handle the situation. Personally I dont want Season 2 to be overrun with Shotos or SF2 characters again. But you need to understand the situation of the game and why they are important.

To me every character added in S2 must contribute to variety in Gameplay,Visual/Character design Diversity or National Diversity. Someone like Sakura barely does any of this. At least Sagat is from a different country.

If we get OG SF2 Lanky Sagat thats another plus point for visual diversity since we dont have a Tall Skinny character.

I dont mind Maki if they change her design. But is she ends up being just another Blonde Waifu Clone of a better character = meh.


But do we really care much about how specifically “shoto” is defined (and to even assert there is one proper functional definition for something that isn’t a real word may very well be a mistake)? I think what we actually care about is whether or not the inclusion of these “shoto-ish” characters will take away from the cast’s diversity, whether or not it is a good move for Capcom to add these characters, whether or not the characters can be reinvented so that they are different from other “shoto-ish” characters while still retaining their niche in the roster (like Ken in SF5)…etc.

Like I said, “shoto” isn’t even a “real” word, so we all have different conceptions of the meaning of “shoto”. I for example, do not consider Ibuki, Juri, or Rashid to be shotos because, among many other reasons, they don’t have meterless reversals (their upwards moving attacks), and their projectiles are unconventional. And this is of course an arbitrary distinction I’m making (who is to say where the lines get drawn for what makes something too different to be considered a shoto-kit), but I think most people agree with me and do not consider those characters to be shotos. At the same time, I wouldn’t say that someone is wrong for calling Ibuki a shoto, since those people are probably just thinking of the conceptualization of “shoto”-ism as in - 1. Has a projectile, 2. Has a move with uppercut trajectory

What we all want (at least most of us) is characters that are legitimately unique and not half-baked in their design inspirations. I personally don’t really want Akuma, since I think he is the closest to the typical “shoto” conceptualization. Unlike Sagat and Sakura, who possess more nuanced versions of the Ryu-toolkit (and with some very different normals), Akuma is pretty much what happened when Capcom said “lets make an OP version of Ryu/Ken” and then gave him no health to compensate. Because of this I think it would be very difficult to dinstinguish Akuma from the whole shoto idea while still maintaining his original appeal to make Akuma players happy. With Sakura and Sagat though, I think its easily doable


Shadaloo Dolls with weapon and in pair should work nowhere as a clone but closer to the play style often used in anime fighters for those that desire waifu they get 2 in 1. Combined effort also reflect the weakness and capabilities of the Dolls that they even have a hard time with Birdie.








I mean, Maki isn’t TRULY a clone of Guy unless you would consider Gouken a clone of Ryu. Normals are completely different, and CvS2 Maki has:
-Back Run
-Invincible move that costs health
-Air SPD

At the cost of not having Guy’s target combos, spin kick, or flip+grab. The only reason I consider them mutually exclusive (before something like Season 5/6 if we get there) in the roster is that their moveset is built around a run into follow ups, which kind of makes whomever is second redundant.


More than shotos, dolls, newbies or whoever on the scene, the game needs to be relaunched. Take the same route of Super SF4 (tons of chars, content and stages) and boom: we got more casuals buying this game.


At the cost of not having Guy’s target combos, spin kick, or flip+grab. The only reason I consider them mutually exclusive (before something like Season 5/6 if we get there) in the roster is that their moveset is built around a run into follow ups, which kind of makes whomever is second redundant.

Rofl … I forgot that character existed. But yea maybe they could both come in S2 , Maki being more scramble/oki based like Elf fuerte. And Guy being the traditional RTSD.

Also Bushin grab has to be one of the best looking moves in SF. Seeing that Target combo -> Bushin flip grab was always so cool in Alpha 3. Its what got me interested in the character.


Wait after season 2 or season 3… when Capcom would post something asking if consumers wanted a sequel…


At least be fair.

You should also finaly learn what waifu means, you spit the term without knowing it.


Great, now we have TWO shitheels who don’t know wtf Waifu means…


Except i was talking about Sagat, who is not a shoto headswap

Tell me where i was asking for Akuma, Evil Ryu or Dan

I will kinda accept Sean because
-in new SFV design (the yellow jumpsuit) he have nothing of shoto design
-in new SFV design have completely different body build
-story wise he should be even less shoto than SF3


I honestly think Sagat could be awesome if done right.


Nah, Maki is waifu-tier







Dan, Gouken and Sagat would work along with Sean than Akuma or Sakura.

Even in the future Sean’s and Dan’s move set can just show influences of being an Ansatsuken practitioner like Gouken in SF4 that plays nowhere near Akuma, Ken and Ryu. Since SF3 NG and 2i Sean is more Shoto than 3s because his DP. SF4 Dan did a good variant of Dan.

Sagat can keep Tiger Uppercut but has conditional effect or like just an exclusive follow up move from another move not as a regular anti- air to toned down it’s responsiveness and effectivity. Make his Upper Tiger Shot bigger like Krauser’s Kaiser Wave but as a close range projectile like Ken in MvSF.

Then remove his low Tiger Shot as a tribute to his SF1 debut that has no lower tiger shot which is an awkward way to see when fighting. Imagine Sagat doing lower Tiger Shot in Anime or live action against someone looks kinda weird IMHO.

<— not a fan of Dan and Sean

As for the dolls… just make the pair sister dolls Jianyu and Xianyu as one character no need for every other dolls this conclude and reflect their weakness that they need to work together like the other dolls that gang up against Birdie. This alone would be a nice tribute already in the SFZ3 Dramatic battle and SFV Cinematic mode but not similar because it’s a whole new character concept in SF5 inspired that is never in SFA, Sf4 and Sf3. It’s is more unique than the Cinematic NPC Dolls, Cammy, Decapre or the pair of Juni & Juli or even from where it is inspired from Chang and Choi but managed to cover all them as a tribute.


I we’re talking about shotos and shoto-inspired characters, I’m really only interested in a redone Sean (with more Basketball and MJJ influence), Sagat, and Sakura (both based on CvS2). As for the Dolls, I just want one of the martial weapon users to fill out the roster. One of Satsuki (based on Hibiki/Haohmaru from CvS2), Santamu, Xiayu/Jianyu (one or both), or Noembelu.


Who said casuals would be more inclined to play the game if Sakura was released instead of Oro? Why? I’d guess casuals wouldn’t be that bothered about who is being released now, they’d pick up the game based on game play and visuals rather than characters that, as casuals, they probably don’t recognise anyway. If Capcom want to create more revenue from casuals they have to sell the game as a whole package not based on the newly downloadable character that the casual player has no vested interest in. IMHO.


I think the term “casual player” is somewhat misguiding… we’re not talking about people that play the game one or two weeks. We’re talking about the audience that picks up the game because of recognition/ nostalgia who will turn into competitive players.

Sakura has more recognition than Oro for example. So Sakura would be the better choice in this case. Capcom wants to milk their customers (as every company) so they need a larger base, not just one-and-done deals.

There could still be hundreds/ thousands of “active” players that havent picked up the game yet because their main sagat/ akuma isnt in the game. I doubt there are as many waiting for Q, Oro, Dolls that havent already bought the game anyway.


Excuse me, he’s a shotoclone basicly Ryu with a second fireball.

I can see that you want a Muai Thai rep,but I rather take a new one and not the two we have right now.

Even if they remove his Uppercut, he would still relie on fireballs for the majority of his gameplan. If you want a zone heavy character you got Guile, if you want a zone/footsies hybrid,you have Ryu.

The only way Sagat could be justified would be a major overhaul,remove the fireballs and change him into a real Maui Thai fighter and not angry Ryu with two fireballs.