SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

You forgot to add everyone’s favourite V.Rosso

Drop the money capcom pls


WTF dat speculation , its just Onos usual Shoryuken pose photo at the end of the tourney. Sean? Wtf?

No idea who this guy is, but he looks cool as hell. Also SFV could use someone with electricity powers.

<- Umm, Laura?

Goddammit! I am total failure at posting in this thread


Dean is fucking awesome! His Lariat/Crowd Control move is stylish would make for a cool DP if he made it into SFV.

I think it’s pretty easy to make out which characters have chances of getting in

Character Story

  • Sagat
  • C. Viper
  • Abel
  • Sakura
  • Oro
  • Hakan
  • Honda
  • Sean
  • Gouken

Cinematic Story

  • Decapre
  • Abel
  • Kolin
  • Gill
  • the Dolls
  • Sean
  • Azam

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - Worldwide
6. Sakura
9. Sagat
10. Q
16. Cody
18. Poison
19. Dudley

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - Japan
6. Sakura
12. Q
13. Makoto
14. Cody
17. Yun
18. Poison

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - English
6. Sakura
7. Sagat
10. Q
11. Blanka
15. Dudley
18. Cody

EventHubs Season Wishlist 2 Poll

  1. Sagat
  2. Q
  3. Oro
  4. Sakura
  5. Makoto
  6. C. Viper

Teased by Ono

  • Sagat (Tiger beer)
  • Fei Long (Bruce Lee poster)

Teased in-game

  • Fei Long (movie ad)
  • Cody (train station poster)
  • Haggar (train station poster)
  • Guy (train station poster)
  • Maki (train station poster)
  • Sagat (old Lain of the Four Kings stage)
  • Marz (Shadaloo Base)
  • Fevrier (Shadaloo Base)

Have recently had their voice lines (re)recorded

  • Enero
  • Fevrier

I’d say Sagat, Sakura, Fei Long are guaranteed picks for Season Two

Why is Sakura so popular, I find her annoying as hell and always have done. Even back in the alpha days I thought she was a high pitched whiney lamer.

anime wierdos, a lot of them

(and i love anime)

Would be a damn good season in my mind.

Just saying, CvS2 Sakura with a dive kick and no traveling projectile might be a thing, they added those two moves to her in Omega mode. Ironically, by the definition I’ve seen many of you give, losing the projectile would make her no longer a shoto.

I just hope the next season is not the final season and had at least 10 characters of diverse selection in game play. Not against sakura or her projectile just please no shoto all star season.

Surely it is’nt
The game is supposed to expand for years, and recently they said to be confident about it surviving in the long time

At least 10 char i dunno, but we can suppose a 8 char season?

A kinda realistic S2 at this point can be

Akuma (count as S2?)

  • Sagat
  • Fei Long
  • Sakura
  • C.Viper
  • Oro
  • Sean
  • One between Q/Rose/Abel/Ed/A shitty waifu doll?

If it goes so it will be a kinda decent season, i will get Sagat and Fei and i’m curious to see the New prequel Sean

I wish i can get Cody, Sodom, NEW characters, get rid of update wasted for sakura crap, see how they redesign Gill in SFV… but for all that probably i will have to wait S3 or later

Unless Capcom proves otherwise, I consider Akuma to be a part of Season One. It’s really weird of them to tease Akuma like that basically a month before Capcom Cup (where we’re supposedly getting Season Two announcement), so I think they’ll add him and the Dojo stage in December along with the Balance Patch for the rest of the cast, and then start with Season Two sometime in 2017, probably February-March again since that’s when CPT 2017 will begin

Will be cool if they add him free+costumes in both S1 and S2 Season Pass

So it will add value to S1 but also push S2, specially considering that now who don’t have S1 have already spent FM for first 6 chars

To me it will not change anything as i will buy anyway S2, but will be the smart move on theyr side… it will give the perception that the price of S2 include also secret surprises

I doubt Sean would be included. He wasn’t still a warrior during the SFV timeline,he is in SF3. Then who knows which type of Sean Capcom wants? The strong one from NG or the joke he was in 3s? Who knows. Personally I want only Makoto,even if her original playstyle could be too good in SFV.

Akuma is not season 1 because Akuma was not sold as part of the season 1 pass. He is definitely the beginning of season 2, as I doubt he will go on sale before the end of the year.

I agree that Akuma will likely not be a part of S1, but I don’t think we can say anything definitively yet.

I personally could see both Akuma and Sagat being sold outside of and between S1 and S2 because if Capcom requires everyone to pay for those two characters separately and outside of a season pass, then I think they will make more money. Also, they could then sell them right after CC in December, before 2017, which would make sense if S2 started in 2017 (not saying it has to).
Others have made the argument though that Akuma and Sagat must be part of S2 to help it sell, but I don’t know what the S1 season pass and DLC sales numbers were like for Capcom (and frankly, I have no clue what kind of logic Capcom is ever using anyway) so I think it’s hard to say anything for sure yet.

Honestly, I’m still surprised (but not entirely so) that Akuma is even the next DLC character to be released.
I actually like Akuma, but with T7 and all, I was expecting him later.