SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

He looks 90% Garuda, but since Capcom doesn’t own the SFEX characters right and they said the characters are new/never playable before, probably is a brand new character.

Considering that as design i dislike both (as giant i prefer Hugo over them), at this point i will prefer Abigal

At least it will be a new country rep and Canada was kinda requested iirc (probably by canadians lol)

Also it will be a possible faster link to FFers for S3

Alone will not make much sense, but it will be cool if 1 or 2 more join the cast as new MGG members

Like #2 (or #5) and #3 as reps of a new MGG vs Cody and Haggar in S3?

I will be ok with that, at least in that way #3 will bring something good aside cover the “giant” role

It could be cool if Shadaloo needed to recruit Mad Gear to fight the Illuminati in the big clash, I suppose.

Mad Gear is long gone people. All it’s members have moved on to other things.

I could see a revival of it, though, because apart from Hugo and Poison the others are pretty aimless without it, Sodom included.

Abigail still about that thug life tho

Could be a new org making the villain for FFers as spiritual MGG successor, after all unlike SF all main FF games got a different enemy

FF1- Belger, MGG <- Metro City
FF2- Retu, MGG ex-members <- World tour
FF3- Black, Skull Cross Gang <- Metro City
FFsw- Father Bella (Belger’s brother), GLOW drug org <- Metro City

Just a new org picking some ex MGGers and some total new characters to take control of Metro City bad areas can do the job

But to encourage a crossing with SFV, it may work better something operating on a larger area like was in FF2

and Death?

LOL! You actually think Bison needs a street gang to defeat the Illuminati? WORTHLESS!

There won’t be a big clash because the Illuminati will rot from within, Urien will burn them and their books to the ground! Fuck Gill and his supporters! (Except Kolin <3)

Yes, first time i’ve seen infos about him i thought will be cool if they resurrected a part of CFAS (D.D., Rook, Death, Haggar) as new FF gimmick for SFV

That’s exactly what I thought.
The only difference being that I also wanted Ingrid in, of course.

One day Capcom goes all-in with the hype and declare Gill the most powerful SF Boss

Your honest reaction in one gif, chose wisely

Just as I thought. @Daemos has broken out into an uncontrollable seizure at the thought of Bison being surpassed.

I can’t embrace your cause, but if help i respect you more than most of waifu fans lol

You made the supporting Ingrid request thing something not ridicolous, wich is itself an impressive feat =)

Even if Gill is magically stronger in the present, Bison’s potential knows no limits! Such potential power is matched only by Ryu and Akuma’s potentials. Gill is a nobody in the grand scheme of things!!! Urien knows it! and now you know it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Man you crazy

I know you’re just having fun, but due to Gill only really being in 3 and in the days when we didn’t go as in depth with power levels and lore, can we really even gauge how powerful he is? He always seemed rather high on the abilities level and he’s more than willing to throw a fight in order to further a plot, I don’t think we’ve seen him struggle or push his limits.

What I think also makes him dangerous is his imagination in using his powers. I see it like the green lanterns; you’ve got Hal who was straight forward with his constructs, but you’ve got Kyle who, as an artist, would make anime mechs and gonzo weapons. With Gill, I imagine due to his cult teachings and saviour complex, he’d be rather creative in the presentation of his abilities, which in turn could make things dangerous and flat out unpredictable in a fight. For example, is Seraphic Wing just a concussive force of ki that he makes resemble wings, or does it have certain properties, like pacification or nullification. With his meteor strike, I don’t think he’s literally summoning meteors, but rather constructs of ice and fire (or, going with a biblical parallel, flaming hail), he’s going for the dramatic and instead of just blasting someone with a big heat and ice wave, he’s making a hair of both powers. Heck, how far does his Resurrection go? Is it conditional upon death or knock out, is it like a ever-present healing factor, does he even have to literally die, can he heal others of wounds or replenish his stamina fully. He can seemingly bestow his powers upon people like Kolin, what other abilities of the 66 sacred arts does he have access to since he’s their GodEmperor?

I’d love to know more about he and Urien’s abilities and resources. I mean we really only had 1 shot previously with Gill (Sf3 series), 1.5 with Urien (SF3 + SF5 potential), and dozens with Bison (SF2, SF2 animated movie (which introduced his teleport and his lovely VTOL Jet), SF Alpha, SF EX series (while not canon, seemingly inspired things down the line) so we know him pretty well in comparison.

All we know is that he and Urien are relatively equal in power, and Capcom attempted to quantify Urien’s power in SFV’s spider charts. Bison in SFV is second only to Akuma, and we can argue that that chart represents Bison before CHAINS was put into action. I personally don’t think Urien and Gill are equal, and Gill likely beats him by at least 1-2 points, but he’s not greater than Akuma who according to Shadaloo’s database is “the strongest”. This is essentially the closest we ever got to an canon tierlist.