SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


@“Darc Requiem” I hope you don’t confused me, to be one of those that really wanting Ruby Heart in such form in SFV or in any future SF.


[] Not sure if Hugo and Guy matter tbh. Hugo’s been ass in every game he appears in with lukewarm reception, and Guy manages to fall behind Cody and Poison in popularity. Plus, that’s a THIRD FUCKING NINJA IN A GAME WITHOUT SAGAT.
] Throwing sharks is kinda meh. Rather have a guy who turns every match into the barrel breaker bonus game.
[*] Oh, god forbid we get an Indian rep other than Dhalsim. And a more culturally relevant one too. No, let’s just put in classics like Seth and Dee Jay because they were in a game at some point.


I don’t like weapon users. Darth and I have butted heads over that going back to our time at Capcom Unity.


i will have liked a norwegian char with some viking vibe on him be SFV giant… but tbh he visually remind me too much Gief (also i hate the name momotaru for a norse lol)

I will have liked much more the red bearded, hook hand, shark throwing, giant fisherman… that was a crazy unique design, SF style af too

Btw i WANT one of arcade bonus stage to be on theyr boat with them throwing shit (barrels, bballs, sharks) at you LOL

About Zen fuck Zen imho

give me some fucking evil female kali worshipper who can work as Sim nemesis =)

just not that female purple “yoga master” trash that peoples semm to like because crap tastes

ps: fuck now i wish we got the giant fisherman insttead Abi, with an awesome Ruby’s boat norse stage


How about allowing some Darkstalkers characters to be playable in SFV? Especially the ones who are not used in mvci and the ones who kinda have street level skillss like John Talbain, Donovan and Lord Raptor




How often do I have to tell you that non-linear zoning and puppet gimmicks won’t make it into SF?

I refuse to play any Zoner in SF duo to the linearity of the gamestyle in this game.
No problem in other games, even KoF does a much better job in making this fun than SF ever could.
Menat will not have any gimmicks with her orb, be it as a stationary projektile or as something she can place anywhere on the screen or use as boomerang!
If she’s any form of Zoner, she gets a fireball who goes horizontal, maybe with low recovery and that will be it.
Capcom doesn’t want this style to be exciting or different, they want it to be linear and boring.

Never, but I wouldn’t mind a DS themed costume pack for everyone.


And Yoda was in Soul Calibur 4.

If we get another Indian rep, I want it to be a Kalaripayattu user, and not just some actor stealing Fei Long’s schtick.


That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve seen you post. DS characters should never been in a Street Fighter game. There powers dwarf most Marvel and DC characters.


It’s Street Fighter not Darkstalkers. Case closed, zero ground to stand on.


I swear you’re Mr.UnpopularOpinion just to keep up appearances at this point, how has DarthEnder not gone insane yet.


I think I’m becoming desensitized…


Lol at peoples still not having the ingrid guy on ignore


He’s either a very elaborate troll or legit autistic, I’ve never seen somebody obsessed with a trash character like that before


Are you sure about that? B)
That said, he’s surely embarrassing.

That’s not the same thing. Their status as guests in the games you cited is officially the same; however, Bandai Namco doesn’t own the rights to Yoda, while Ingrid is totally a Capcom creation. Therefore, they could use her whenever they want. Time will tell.

To be fair, we don’t know whether Zen uses kalaripayattu or not in his films and real life. It could even be the case. Not that I would be particularly interested in him anyway.


Yup,but for me S3 ain’t soon enough.



But I also paid for the S2 pass, so silver linings are required. If there’s even a single mention of newcomers in S3 I’m officially out.


I never put anyone on ignore. If I ever started, Yorkey would be at the top of the list.


Why are you people surprised Ingrid cucks are super loyal to the character? They’re literally like Juri fans only Ingrid hasn’t been playable since forever so people fiend for her even more.

It’s obnoxious but you guys act like SF is the beacon is quality lore and characters lmao

I’ll never understand the hate for Ingrid.

>checks to see if any Menat shit leaked
>closes thread till next week.


I don’t need time to tell. Her CFN profile made her status very clear.


Juri doesn’t look like a 10 year old girl. Not really a fan of seeing upskirt and suggestive pictures of a character that looks like a child. There is only one Ingrid fan that I’ve seen that isn’t a creep. He’s the only reason, I feel slightly bad for dumping on Ingrid.