SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


Everyone sign onto reddit and give downvotes please


Ahahaha. :slight_smile:


Does the new doll coming use a staff? I thought I heard somewhere that she does.

Edit: nvm just looked at her thread. Seems more like a baton to me.


I think it’s a baton/staff, and I don’t know if she’s one of the “month” dolls. Seems more connected to Ed than anything.


She’s not a doll (she’s called Falke) and she seem to have a Rolento like short staff


Actually she has a retractable staff. It’s full bo staff length when extended.





Ingrid officially confirmed as a non Street Fighter character.


Actually they didn’t call it a Crossover costume, which is a little scary lol

Either way it at least looks like she won’t be in the game.


She still wasn’t on the popularity poll, which included everybody, even fucking Kevin Striker, and not her. As far as I’m concerned, she’s still ineligible for consideration as a full-fledged character. Being a costume is the best she can hope for.


Is it me the only one who thinks Karin looks fat in the Ingrid costume?

Looks like they added the 20 % width distortion lens SRK THICC seal of approval.


she just looks like Karin with shit different hair


So no space waifu… Just a brief page in SFV history…



So from now on we can expect Sakura to be in the base roster for every SF game lol… great timing Capcom

Rose and Menat both underperforming leaves me sad. No love for Soul Power


The results of the latest character poll up somewhere? Would love to see.


Not anymore.


Looks like their maintenance will end around 7PM EST


Not anymore? Where was it and why isn’t it up anymore?
I thought that they were supposed to release the results of the latest one today (i.e., the day AE launches). I guess I’m wrong.


EH says that things are up right now (i.e., 2:44 PM EST):


Further evidence for Rose’s eventual inclusion: Menat is not playable in the Alpha arcade ladder (like Laura in SF3 in place of Sean, or Zeku in place of Geki in SF1).