SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


I know he’s supposed to be Guile there, but SFV Nash lead-arm-down pose is likely a tribute to him in the SF movie posters/scenes (notice also the watch on the right wrist)


Also likely not coincidence his “Rugal”-like new kick (Sonic Scythe) remind as mechanic JCVD silly flying split kick, basically his signature move in movies

Said that i will not oppose JCVD getting a closer SF tribute, maybe they can make Remy’s father a muscular savateur and nothing like his son LOL


The watch is on the left wrist, but yes, very observant.



A new Kick Fighter that used a lot of Splits

Vandame in an asian comedy cameo

Another interesting Pop culture icon in the 90’s was

of Tommy Oliver of the Green Ranger, White Ranger and much more.

We all know his a Recurring character in the 90s Power Ranger series and even up to this day.

He can be a suit actor and a martial artist kind of fighter as character. Weaponless

I don’t care whatever martial arts it would be as long he does a lot of splits kick based special moves, has the hair short ponytail tied hair and his a suit actor or plays a main character in a “tokusatsu film” as a profession not just an ordinary action star like Feilong.

90s had a lot of goldmine inspiration that had been lasting throughout more decades.

He can be an Amalgam of both Tommy, Seagal, Johnny Cage, Banderas and JCVD. That used a lot of Split kicks.


Because of my big legs and karate… I can do splits NO PROBLEM

Turning him all his specials end to have splits or to have a splits in animation in between frames.

A super star hollywood suit actor that plays superhero and toku protoganist roles in film that is known for his a trademark split kicks and punches

That also does awesome poses!

Can have split with punches like uppercut and bellow


Well, Blanka’s here. Looks decent. I’m cool with that.
More excited about the fact that he’s being released one month after Sakura though. Definitely liking this and hoping that Sagat and the rest of the season are out and available for EVO.
Should be exciting!


I appreciate how Blanka has a jumping monkey vibe to him to differentiate him from Necalli.
Also, there’s enough silliness to hope that he monopolizes the retardness of S3 (although there’s the possibility of G playing along in the story mode).


What characters do you guys think would be the most interesting in transition to SFV in terms of gameplay? I’d really like to see how Capcom does V-Systems for Oro and Hakan.


Yeah Oro and Hakan are good picks

Mine will be

Gill- Fire, Ice, Resurrection, Fucking6WingsFinalFlashBang
Hakan- Oil tricks
Oro- telekinesis, 2 arms mode
Rose- soul tricks
Elena- healing shit
Fei- with nunchaku VT lol
Sodom- jitte to katanas switch, armor
Eagle- will be awesome see them find tricks for him using only sticks
Yun&Yang- as team

Each have the potential to do cool things with v-system

Pretty curious to see G and Cody in S3 too


Thats a great list actually (except feilong). I would just add that they need to add more SF4 characters as its kind of under represented. I would also add the following:

C.Viper: Different Tech related v.triggers
Lee: Drunken Style/Sober Style?
Rolento: Grenades/Sticks
Makoto: VT1 obviously the power up. VT2 could be some sort insane speed up

Would also like to see Deejay, Retsu, Adon, Q and Necro but alas will never happen…

I hope they NEVER add Dan.


Yeah, pretty much agree with Cestus’s list. Would add ruthless_nash’s comment about Makoto too though.


1- I like the idea of V-Mechanics/SFV as a chance to make Fei Long a fun tribute to Bruce Lee.
I ever liked him as tribute of a fight history icon (i EVER like that), but ever found Fei Long kinda… boring/flat/uncomplete to some degree?
Add there nunchaku VT, hand/foot BL style counters, one-inch punch, powerful side kick and so on and they get my bless
(i know SF4 gave something as Ultras, but overall “normal” gameplay stilll flat)

2- While at it i will like Abel.
Mostly i like his sambo style with composed striking and refreshing judo throws, but they can do cool tricks with his black eyes version as VT
Not that i really think it will happen

3- Incredible i forgot Q, i guess i’m grown open to accept G somehow covering that

4- i like Dan a lot, still i agree
I don’t want another shoto variation, as much i don’t want Decapre/Dolls
I’m kinda open to SFV Sean though, but only if is totally pre-Ken training version, with zero ansatsuken and all street brawler + some MatsudaJuJitsu style


I guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet here and say I actually wouldn’t mind Dan. While he started out as a shoto swap, even in SF4 he turned out really different as his moves had different properties. In SFV, he could get a fully fleshed out taunt system for building VT and some absurd V-Triggers. Then again, I also think Dee Jay is a fun character, so I’m used to being in the minority on this.


Also, I believe that Season 4 will coincide with anniversaries for both Final Fight and SF3. What are the chances of the season being split between 3 SF3 characters and 3 FF characters? Maybe something like:

  • Sodom
  • Makoto
  • Poison/Roxy
  • Dudley
  • One of Maki, Rolento, or a new FF character (Edi E? Damnd? HAGGAR?!)
  • Oro

I guess the only bad thing about this would be no Fei or Rose until S5.


Yes Haggar please with das pipu v-trigger.


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If Tanden Renki is almost guaranteed to be Makoto’s VT1, what do you guys think she would get for a V-Skill and VT2? I remember Omega Makoto had a parry, but I think some kind of quasi-FADC would be a nice hybrid between her 3S and SF4 versions.


I dont know if anyone else brough this up when sfv Ae was released, but i am sort of confused why Abigail is not representing Hugo in the SF3 arcade mode, like laura did Sean.
I have no idea if capcom has already planned dlc for the next season, but it might be possible they left that out for the possibility of adding either Hugo or Poison as a representative of his story in sfv’s arcade mode down the line, that or they just didnt feel the need to represent him at all.

Id sort of like Haggar before any other final fight reps, but we will see how it turns out.


im confused why rashid only has 1 ending given he is suppposedly the main protagonist of sfv.




I’ve been thinking a bit more about Dudley lately, and I’ve had a change of heart. For the longest time, I figured we weren’t getting him because Ed rounds out the second boxer archetype, and Balrog’s SFV version takes heavily from Dudley with his V-Skill and st.HK. Gameplay-wise, I think he’d be a perfect fit for SFV:

  • Game is heavily based around frame traps, which Dudley was already strong with
  • cr.MK normals overall have worse range and/or don’t cancel, which was Dudley’s main weakness
  • st.HK is a big, beefy hitbox that links into other normals and is + on block, aka SFV’s design philosophy

I guess the question is how he would work in the V-System, especially with Vega already having a rose toss. I don’t see ducking becoming a V-Skill, as that is basically Balrog’s already and the low recovery isn’t in line with most V-Skills. I think something like SFxT Short Swing Blow, where he could hold it to extend the upper-body invincible startup for a bit longer, would work better. Rolling Thunder is an obvious pick for CA, and I can see Corkscrew Blow being a VT similar to Kikosho or Shinryuken. Not sure if an install VT would work for him; maybe he can get a version of SSF4 Thunderbolt that doesn’t suck?