SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


Ruby Heart doesn’t fit at all with Street Fighter, as for Batsu, there’s really no need for him when there’s already Ryu and Akuma.


Street Fighter should get it’s own Duck King.


Dee Jay and Damnd from Final Fight Revenge pretty much fit the description.


my last thoughts on this matter is “I hope Capcom doesn’t resort to listening to fans for who to put in their games anymore.”


Some Rival School Characters, Jack the Knife, Alex’s Mentor (I Forgot his name), Dan’s Father (brought back by Illuminati), & Hakan’s wife.


What a LOL.


Dorai, Haggar and Necro

SF5 will be about the end of Shadaloo. Charlie’s there so Chun Li’s father should be there, too - as a mind-controlled or cyborg S.I.N. weapon or Illuminati.


Mel (Ken’s son)


No, he shouldn’t.


Wonder if people will still be mad if Q is chun’s dad. Though I can’t see it myself personally.


I wouldn’t be mad, but just convinced Capcom doesn’t actually care about the story they’ve made themselves (or hole they’ve dug for themselves).

There are just some characters that have been dead, are dead, and will remain dead, and those are Goutetsu, Chun-Li’s father, and Dan’s father. All 3 are dead, and if they weren’t they would be too old to fight as each are around Gen’s age by now in SF3. I’ll give Capcom a pass with Oro since he’s ancient, but let’s not make this a recurring thing. If we are ever to see those 3, it NEEDS to be in an SF Alpha version, and the story would have to happen when Ryu and Ken are perhaps Mel’s age now. Speaking of Mel, he’s too young to be fighting – in SF3, he is 3 yrs old. Unless SFV happens at least 13 years after SF3, then let’s let him be a kid. You really wanna be beating up a kid who hasn’t even reached puberty yet? Long story short, unless Capcom does a complete reboot of SF, these characters, right now, can’t happen.

Someone made a point about Charlie, and that we all just assumed he was dead after he defeated Bison, but it was never confirmed, that’s why he’s back. Charlie not being dead, okay Capcom, fine. But at least he’s still at an age where he can battle.


Batsu doesn’t play like Akuma.

I’m hoping for characters representing the following countries: Canada, Australia, Finland, and some latin country that isn’t Brazil, Mexico or Spain.


I wouldn’t be mad but at this point it wouldn’t make sense from what we know about Q. He has blonde hair barely peaking from underneath his mask in a few pics. I know we can’t count artwork as the gospel but him being her father is a weird concept…even for the street fighter universe. I’ve wanted to know his story for a while but I feel ANYTHING at this point would be disappointing, no matter what background info it turned out to be. Better to keep the mystery…he still literally makes no sense which to me anyway is why he is so interesting. He wins a round, turns his back to the player in bewilderment looking up at the sky and all around rambling to himself, like he doesn’t understand anything. Organic material present in his body but can survive detonations that come somewhere from him. Stalking after particular children who always seem to be well dressed indicating possible wealth or a lead for him to “investigate” (or maybe looking too far into that one). “X Ray” shots of him when electrocuted show some freaky muscle structure instead of bone and his mask, not what’s behind it. The mask “eyes” are supposedly just cutouts with the yellow glow coming from whatever is behind it. A lot of neat details rolled into him that keep the questions coming on what he is. But if he’s Chun’s dad somehow, so be it.


Double posted it up =/


He has the air hadouken, so there’s no sense on having him.


Who knows. I just want more Juri though. That is top priority for me right now.


If existing capcom character:
Dean from FF - Can play a bit like benimaru I guess
Carlos from FF - (Not sure if they would have someone who fights with a sword though)
Kyosuke from Rival Schools - Was too bad ass in CVS2 (even tho he was extremely low tier)
Anyone else from Rival Schools - Dude with benimaru hair and knife? maybe he can play like Yamazaki from CVS2
Colonel Wolfman from delta red (or any other delta red person - Maybe ginzu, who will play like Bao or Choi from KOF)
Dudleys Butler - A secret badass? (see below re salaryman)

New Character
Dude from an Arab country - looks like your typical arab dude with a box beard with kheffiyah and sunglasses. He would use “Sand” attacks, I pictured him playing similar to Oswald from KOF

Aborigini woman from Australia - Is a “crocodile hunter” like Steve Irwin. Uses “survival techniques”

Mounty from Canada - Picture the show Due South. Would play a bit like Heidern.

Sassy “drunk” woman from Ireland - Lookswise, imagine B.Jenet from Garou, but with red hair (obviously)

Grappler from one of the Nordic countries (Maybe Sweden) - Picture one of the dudes from World Strongman contest. Zangief type.

Indonesian Guy - Would wear a sarong and a muslim type “hat”. Would practice Silat, with a small knife.

Salaryman (any country) - would be the comic relief character. Would wear a suit and nerd glasses. Imagine phoenix wright with glasses. Would fight with briefcase. He knows how to fight because he was bullied at school and is secretly ripped and has several black belts in various martial arts. His win pose might actually reveal his true prowess. Cries when he physically lands attacks - even tho its him on the offensive - because he remembers all those bad childhood memories (lol) and he is getting his nerd revenge. Still has some teenage acne. Character name would actually BE Salaryman. Motivation for entering the tournament? to pay off his mortgage obviously.

Black dude or woman with huge afro USA? - Stuck in the 70s? speak with the jive turkey language like black dynamite. Plays like fei longish with nun chucks with Karim Abdul Jabbar underwear and shirt from game of death.

As you can see I like KOF alot, which isnt necessarily a bad thing :smiley: (would love CVS3 btw if anyone cares)


He already has his own original gamestyle, introducing him into Street Fighter only to change his gameplay? Don’t think so.

Sand attacks? Could you explain that more? It sounds more like a Darkstalkers/Killer Instinct character, or it fits more with KOF, you know, all those weird energies they use. Otherwise, sounds truly stereotypical.

I like these.

I don’t think we need any more grappler.

No, please no. Street Fighter is overall a serious game. Even the most comic relief characters, like Dan or Hakan, are true martial arts. Salaryman just no, it sounds terrible, it reminds me of Norimaro on Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter.


Forget about my other post, Mexico and Brazil could use some good/serious fighters.


I need a girl grappler, built like She-Hulk here. I’m not talking about a quick rushdown gimmick character. I’m talking a legitimate grappler, a high health, highly damaging, slow-moving behemoth of a girl. 6’5, 230 lbs. Canadian lumberjill. Practices heavy athletics with some okichitaw. Has moves inspired by caber tossing, tree felling and log rolling. Has an ultra where she makes the northern lights appear by how hard she flips you in the air. And of course, like She-Hulk, has a booty drop.

Caber toss:

Standard damaging command grab. She grabs you by the legs and flips you high into the air, before catching you again and piledriving you.

Log roll:

Similar to Hugo’s meat squasher, a corner-carrying command grab where she faceplants you into the ground and then “log rolls” your body by running on top of you, smashing you into the wall. Has her arms folded while she does it. Humiliating and damaging.