SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


Merry Xmas! from Ingrid!



is done correctedly with internet voices and focus group…

What fails both

SFXT and Vanila SFV

were because of taking for granted a certain follwers and DLC game mechanics.

SFXT got almost the best of promotions, marketing strategy and characters IMHO

but still failed

Close door dev SF would be justified by assumed good gameplay and depth.

and would end up visually with this vibe:

SO think about it.
Many people claims to be longtime fans but visualize SF in a different perspective and route from the lens of other animes and video games not really SF2 or SFzero which is the undeniable core idea of fleshout SF characters personality wise than SF3 and SF1 even SF4.

SF2 and SFZ were the golden era of SF series.

There are even others wants them to play like Tekken and KOF.

Franchise Branding is a factor to avoid things goings loosely and be alienated… Even Soul Calibur team learns their lesson futuristic bandwagoning is a terrible idea even how good the gameplay and familiar the gameplay is.

Pro will be pro they look into meta, depth, connectivity and strategies.

Casual looks into graphics, social interaction and flashy mechanics

Fanbase looks into characters and story.

Longtime consumers look into modes, characters and gameplay in a broad sense.


I honestly wouldn’t mind if SFV’s artstyle would be closed to the official character artworks


Not the official artwork but how Alex SFV is worst compared to his badass SF3 looks


I’ll leave it here from Miyuki Chan/ Aka Xkira!!


Fake news.


Hard to say at this point. Honestly, I have no inclination one way or the other.
While my default is to not believe, X-Kira/Flowtron have been rather on the ball recently, and the recent “reveal” of new stages does sound promising.

With all that said, we currently have 28 characters, we know who the next 6 for S3 are, which makes 34, so if the numbering is any indication, then that would make Gill #4 of S5.
I could believe that, except it’s strange to see ID_SYS_Stor_Menu_0044 without 0035-0043 know as well.


Flowtron has been on the ball. Kira has been bullshitting at least 50% of the time.

Capcom are saving Gill for MvCI.


He needs attention now because there are no other left other than people speculating stages and special moves for the rest of the year!

Not something that sounds promising is technically good and true. Gill was trchnically part of my initial wishlist.

Flowtron is not Xkira. Flowtron is the authority ovet here! Even flowtron corrected and laugh at Xkira’s dozen Extra Costumes article in eventhubs.

Even if those mode becomes reality in 2019 it doesn’t mean it’s Xkira. Xkira claim to predict Extra Costumes but never anticipated the more recent release costumes.


Well then we’re back to waiting as usual. At this point, I just want to see AE and play it.


Shakunetsu is completely obsessed with Kira. Dude take a break seriously.


I think Shakunetsu needs a break.
It was funny for a while, but now he just seems mad.
And I mean mad scientiest mad.


What? What the problem? I’m just pointing up the wrongs and errors.

I’m never against that guy with what is truthful. What I’m doing is being realistic and deductive at the same time. There’s nothing offensive with that.

I never hated him for what he was before the the time of the stage dlc his spreads. I never even give a f*ck the time he had a dedicated thread saying he was stealing other dataminers stuff last last year. But the continous blatantly fooling people lately needs to be adviced, his like the other leaker in reddit and kappa.

Remember I also doubt flowtron’s realiability before in the beginning.

IN-FACT, I just can’t wait for XKira’s Dramatic Mode this current season that he manage to datamine by the end of the year. He even show codes.

I’m just trying to be fair to everyone. Even if a leaker would compromised to my wishlist he/she won’t easily make me believe.


Well, EventHubs posted an article about X-Kira’s Gill findings:

Not that that is authoritative, but still.


Deserts are hot.
Eventhubs posts articles of Daigo farting in the subway.


Read the comments their especially xykes, I don’t usually agree with the man but his correct.


Agreed. Capcom has starved them for info, so they do what they can.
All the same, it’s interesting that the stuff exists in the game in one form or another.


I miss Dee Jay




Really now, who can resist that smile?


I’m okay with that guy but NOT next season or maybe for the final season…


I’m okay with DeeJay.
As long as he doesn’t appear in SFV.