SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread


Remember Dee Jay’s ending in IV where he beats Seth and then it’s just him dancing? Perfectly sums up how bland his character is.


It appears some of you cannot handle the raw power of air d.LK. It’s okay, not all fighters are created equal.


I can’t believe people are asking for the character that can be summed up with the phrase “3/5ths of Guile” back in a game that Guile is already in. Did none of you learn nothing from IV?


DeeJay is not even a true SF char lol

Let Goddard put his shit into SSF2 has been wrong as Ingrid LOL



None of you scumlords knew the true satisfaction of doing EX.Machinegun Blow > dash U2

shit was insanely glorious.


Capcom Japan gave us such gems as Cammy, Sakura, Karin, Remy, and Twelve. I’ll take my chances with the FUNKY FRESH BEAT


And they’re all superior to DJ… well maybe not 12…


Twelve is superior.

But they both need a heavy remake to fit into the modern era. So I choose neither.

As far as musical fighters go, I am still waiting for my Bollywood Movie Star street fighter who farts colorful holi powder at every turn.



let’s play this game? Who gonna be the final boss? Who deserve a fatality? Who you would main?




I still maintain that Capcom should just make Mahesh the new Singham.

Gotta love Bollywood physics. :rofl:


I would be very okay with this hah. They seem to be planning something for the guy anyways, so why not have some fun with it?


We got a parkour guy that has tornadoes, A female that has Ice

Okay now we need a character that defies gravity or use gravity manipulation to amplify his physical attacks?

Something that has also a Matrix and Max Payne vibe

Complete with playful juggle and bounces when hitting opponents with his specials.

Then wears leather jacket and shades… that would be awesome over the top character


Seth could generate singularities and levitate.

Also Viper fits the bill as the Matrix-style character. Especially in her SF5 catsuit.


We ain’t seen nothing yet lols



Cammy is one of the best female SF designs
Sakura is SF betraying SF, so essentially the exception to the rule, the crap that was destined to hit the fan at some point
Karin was externally designed (as DeeJay lol)
Remy is Remy, but in theyr defense one concept was good before they tried hard to be KoF
Twelve is better minion material than the Dolls, to bad they gave him a slot


Twelve maybe better than A Doll, but he is certainly not better than THE Dolls, who collectively are fucking iconic and have become synonymous with the franchise in recent years.

Anyway, I want Lee. I want Fei Long, I also want Gen, but I think it’s time for Lee as the next China rep. I think his SF4 “cameo” was foreshadowing his re-appearance in SF5, and Lee coming back as we are on the cusp of the SF3 era is a nice reintro to the twins’ story without having either of them in the game.


Idk if this is a dating sim or something, but:

  • Boss: Kolin, as prying her frigid heart from Gill sounds difficult
  • Fatality: Cammy. No contest.
  • Main: MENAT HNNG (plus the others are all either blonde, thots, or Chun-Li)




Now I want a Final Fight 3 character only for they can use this song again :smiley:


That looks like a regular Tekken combo.


We’ll probably get Alternate “DEAN” for Nash. He fits perfectly!!

As for individual character

I prefer them more…

especially this poor thing of a beauty