SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

Dude, drop it. They’re not announcing Ingrid

Sakura or Rose, I’d guess, I don’t think C. Viper will return anytime soon.

It could be worse, it could be sakura

Actually Viper may make sense

-hinted in Bengus story mode
-got new SFV design
-will be one SF4 rep for that season
-one of the few marketable/liked SF4 new faces
-they could use her as link to Q

according to event hubs Ono go more to announce. Pic looks a bit like Sakura and Kyo. CVS3 maybe? Oh god please let it be soooo

I will like CvS3, but forget it for now

I bet is Sagat!

You referring to the following?

The person between Blanka and the logo looks like a man, just judging by the stance. Not Sagat though.

I got it it’s Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue haha

… it feels like Cody?

Or a costume for Ryu and Chunli… counterpart to Redbull version…

He didn’t say anything about her. It would be cool to stop harassing him, especially when he actually didn’t anything wrong.
And I concur with him, for the record.

Would prefer it to be Makoto… but might be too many Karate people even though she is completely different to shotos.

I don’t know if is really a thing, probably it’s nothing**

But yeah if i must guess one, Cody will be my first pick too
Like his FF classic style (white t-shirt and jeans) with additional shirt/jacket over it

Ever pretending that pic actually got something, i don’t understand what is the white thing above-left of Blanka’s head


My first thought was sakura, but nah. Although if you squint maybe?

It looks like a character’s upperbody slightly obscured. I think they’re wearing a rob or something.

It’ll be interesting once we know to go back and look at this pic and try to make any sense of it. I really have no clue beyond it’s some character.

So basically

Ono announcement**
Capcom Pro Tour - Asia/Oceania Regional Finals
Location: South Korea
Date: 11-17-2016 - 11-19-2016**

Playable Akuma (and others?)**
Capcom Cup 2016
Location: Playstation Experience 2016 at Anaheim, CA., USA
Date: 12-03-2016 - 12-03-2016**

Maybe a second character announcement before Capcom Cup? Way to build even more hype.

That picture of the Blanka toy is just a picture of his office with figures in the background isn’t it…?

inb4 Ono actually announces Blanka