SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

I think it’s just a cropped image from his tweet: https://twitter.com/yoshi_onochin/status/795734182974652416

I was thinking Sean might be hinted at since everyone in the full picture looks like they’re doing his win pose.

I was thinking it was an alternate costume as the western counterpart for RYU and CHUN Li in the last Red Bull event.

… wait till eventhubs use that as a trick to hype an article haha

I heard from a guy who knows a guy at Capcom that Sagat is in and he has Angry Scar v-skill.

double post

It’s literally just a picture of a crowd and the speculations already… hilarious


Well, in our defense that Blanka toy in the past was the real deal to know upcoming stuff =)

Ono / EventHubs trolled us pretty hard there. Thanks!
Anyway, we’ll know within a month so just wait and see.

I am apparently not as optimistic as you, he said see you at CC (capcom cup), my guess is no new announcement until capcom cup in december.
i doubt we will get an announcement until Akuma is shown as well, but i might be wrong…

Maybe we get at least an Akuma hype trailer at CC
I doubt first appearance will be straight gameplay at PSE, it will be weak

Season 2

Confirmed: Akuma
Teased via Twitter: Sagat, Fei Long
Voice lines in Story Mode: Sakura, Oro, Viper, Ed, Helen/Kolin, Dolls, Azam, Gill, Sean, Abel
Drawn/Modeled/Referenced in-game: Hakan, E.Honda, Necro, Fei Long, Final Fight heroes

Strong polling/request: Sagat, Sakura, Poison, Cody, Dudley, Makoto, Fei Long

I’d prefer someone who isn’t Poison, Makoto would be preferable. Maybe a grappler too.

Wrong thread

You forgot to add everyone’s favourite V.Rosso

Drop the money capcom pls


WTF dat speculation , its just Onos usual Shoryuken pose photo at the end of the tourney. Sean? Wtf?

No idea who this guy is, but he looks cool as hell. Also SFV could use someone with electricity powers.

<- Umm, Laura?

Goddammit! I am total failure at posting in this thread


Dean is fucking awesome! His Lariat/Crowd Control move is stylish would make for a cool DP if he made it into SFV.

I think it’s pretty easy to make out which characters have chances of getting in

Character Story

  • Sagat
  • C. Viper
  • Abel
  • Sakura
  • Oro
  • Hakan
  • Honda
  • Sean
  • Gouken

Cinematic Story

  • Decapre
  • Abel
  • Kolin
  • Gill
  • the Dolls
  • Sean
  • Azam

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - Worldwide
6. Sakura
9. Sagat
10. Q
16. Cody
18. Poison
19. Dudley

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - Japan
6. Sakura
12. Q
13. Makoto
14. Cody
17. Yun
18. Poison

Capcom 2013 Character Popularity Poll - English
6. Sakura
7. Sagat
10. Q
11. Blanka
15. Dudley
18. Cody

EventHubs Season Wishlist 2 Poll

  1. Sagat
  2. Q
  3. Oro
  4. Sakura
  5. Makoto
  6. C. Viper

Teased by Ono

  • Sagat (Tiger beer)
  • Fei Long (Bruce Lee poster)

Teased in-game

  • Fei Long (movie ad)
  • Cody (train station poster)
  • Haggar (train station poster)
  • Guy (train station poster)
  • Maki (train station poster)
  • Sagat (old Lain of the Four Kings stage)
  • Marz (Shadaloo Base)
  • Fevrier (Shadaloo Base)

Have recently had their voice lines (re)recorded

  • Enero
  • Fevrier

I’d say Sagat, Sakura, Fei Long are guaranteed picks for Season Two