SFV: Conditioning A.I


-Using the A.I for Conditioning-
(Most of you might already be aware of this)

CPU Difficulty 8

as crazy as it sounds, yes it is possible to make the A.I respect just about anything you do as long as you’ve shown them the results. I’ve learned about this concept in BB but it was applied way more MKX(trust me play MKX A.I on the hardest difficulty. they will work your shit first time) but i started to realize, this game had something the other A.I’s from other games lacked, and it was showing respect. have you ever thrown a cpu before? try that shit in MKX but anyway

i’m going to give an example.
perform a regular frame trap vs the A.I, don’t make it really tight at the point where buttons can’t come out and they are stuck in blockstun.
once you’ve found your frame trap to use, watch to see if they get counter hit or not.

if they get CH. obviously practice confirming off it and if you don’t have the reactions to confirm to certain CH normals, then use it to gain more space up close. It will get to the point where the A.I will STOP pressing buttons after certain normals(it’s random but more consistent at the point where i can do walk up st.strong/cr.strong.) once you start applying this, i guarantee you playing against a.i will be alot more fun than it usually is.
since it’s constantly finding ways to get around it.


I’m currently using this so i am able to confirm consistently and go for more optimal damage. so i would advise if you use this method to make goals in mind when you play A.I
-Today i’m going to land [CH]Cr.Mp xx St.Fierce
-if i bait the A.I Dp, I’m going for a full crush counter confirm
-I’m going to successfully keep Nash from jumping in on me
etc etc

TL;DR Use Frame Traps on A.I, They will learn how to get around them or Respect Them. See how i had time to walk up with confidence as if i were fighting a human?