SFV Costumes - What Do You Want to See


Capcom made a killing with costume DLC with SFIV. No doubt they’ll continue the trend with SFV. With the announced cast so far which alternate costumes you want to see them wear?


Classic Nash without the frankenstein parts.
Cannon Spike costume

Lita Luwanda skin

Decapre (if she doesn’y make the playable roster.)

SFII ending outfit


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Future DLC Costume Discussion

Bison with Street Fighter V (The anime series) style cape



Chun Li in a practical police uniform, something closer to her alpha look.

Can we talk about the character redesigns?

What about customization accesories, like in Killer Instinct?

I’d like to see:

  • Classic Charlie
  • Classic Cammy (leg tattoos accessory)
  • Alpha Cammy
  • Classic Bison
  • Alpha Bison (cape accessory)
  • Muscular Birdie
  • “Hole in Hair” Birdie (accessory)
  • “Sick”/Caucasian Birdie (Palette)
  • Alpha Chun-Li
  • “Original” SFI Ryu (red shoes accessory)


I’ll agree to Killer Bee Cammy and Alpha Chun-Li for sure. I was actually pretty surprised/a little annoyed they never made Killer Bee Cammy an alternate outfit for her in any of the SF4 series games.


I think they were saving it for Decapre.


That’s somehow not reassuring, lol.




I hope costumes also change the STANDING STANCE of the characters

Cyber NASH (MVS ending), Classic Charlie
Shadaloo and Street Wise Cammy
SF2 Bison
SF1 Birdie
Alpha Chun-Li and SF2 Ending Chunli
SF2 Ryu, Alpha Ryu


I just hope that you can see costume and color changes in real time, like other unnamed fighting games


Give me color edit > costumes

Said that, if Guile is’nt in


Ryu- the one on the right


Bison- Alpha style: Cape, short jacket, large pants, big steel plates on legs. Maybe boring but cool


Cammy- SF4 alt sketch

Chun- Street Fighter II V version

Birdie- no idea about the costume but dat haircut


@Cestus looking at Cammy’s sketch - they really should’ve given her that costume. Either as the default one or as a bonus alternate. Looks really cool


Chun- Street Fighter II V version looks amazing!! -

I wanna see the animal costumes again,lol.




Final Fight Streetwise Cammy.

Both the shorts and pants versions.










Sick Birdie








4Neqs beat me to it - For the love of God, Capcom, Chun-Li is an Interpol agent…give me a “super cop” outfit!!!
Jackie Chan pun not necessarily intended.


Please god no palette customization options. If it does make it in as a customization option I hope the colors are limited to natural colors. It’s so distracting fighting an opponent with neon colors.

I’d like to see some swap themes. Maybe a Tekken, RE, MvC or Darkstalkers swap theme since they are all plausible. KoF, DBZ, Virtua Fighter and Mortal Kombat would be cool but all highly unlikely.


  • A cop costume. Preferably one inspired by Jill’s BSAA or RE Revelations costumes. But really any cop costume will do. It makes no sense that Chun has never had a cop costume when that’s one of the most prevalent components of her backstory.
  • Alpha costume minus the vest
  • A costume with her hair down. It could even be her classic attire with her hair loose, I just think it’s time that capcom shows off Chun’s long hair.
  • Morrigan costume. For a Darkstalkers Halloween swap theme.


  • Killer Bee costume.
  • That hooded costume that’s posted above.

This one from the SF movie

  • All of her SF4 alts were pretty good, so any of those can return and I’d be happy.
  • Nina Williams inspired body suit.
  • Felicia costume, going along with the Darkstalkers swap theme.



  • A battle damage costume, it’s obligatory.
  • Strider Hiryu, just cuz it would look awesome. Sword and scarf are optional.
  • Kyo inspired costume.
  • Donovan for Darkstalkers swap.


  • Classic Bison.
  • A returning SF4 alt.
  • Magneto’s costume would suit him well.
  • Rugal’s red suit costume would also suit him well.
  • Demitri for Darkstalkers swap.


  • Guile or Classic Charlie costume. Either or, not both.
  • Shadow costume.
  • Captain Commando or Spencer costume.
  • Victor for Darkstalkers swap.


  • No ideas. Maybe a soccer hooligans costume or Sons of Anarchy costume.
  • Huitzul for his Darkstalkers swap.


This is all