SFV Daily Challenges/Mission Unlock


Want to know which character story completes the daily challenge?

Tired of searching through the lounge to find the answer?

Here’s a thread to quickly find what you need and go.

11/3/16: Funny Guy - Versus Mode. Union Station Stage. Move left towards bathroom till you find the Janitor. Knock your opponent down in front of janitor a few times until he falls over and his head lands in the bucket.
5000 FM unlocked.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

11/10: A short tailed bat colony:

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Select “Forgotton Waterfall” stage.
  3. Knockdown your opponent repeatedly in the far right corner until bats fly out of the cave.
  4. No need to send your opponent into the coffin.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


11/17-11/24: Ishizaki’s Appeal:

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Select “Kanzuki Estate” stage.
  3. Knockdown your opponent repeatedly in the far right corner to trigger the hostess and red apron employee interaction.
  4. Avoid knocking your opponent through the stage into the firework cannon transition.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


11/24-11/30: Special Move Sensation

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Select “Kanzuki Estate” stage.
  3. Make the fight last three rounds:
    • used my special moves in each round*
    • avoided knocking the opponent through the stage*
    • used critical art in Round 2*
  4. Three ninjas should now consecutively zipline down in the background.

*things I did, but may not necessarily be required to unlock the reward.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


edit: you just have to trigger the 3 ninjas animation, which is done by simply winning the round or by performing a combo of 4+ hits.


None of these things work for me. Do you have to stand in a specific spot in the stage?

Edit: never mind, misread ‘make the fight last three rounds’ as set to three rounds. You actually have to get the ninja on the left down three times in a single game.


12/1-12/8: Respectful Spectating

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Select “Underground Arena” stage.
  3. Knockdown your opponent until the bear sits down. Just rearing back doesn’t unlock the Fight Money.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


Any concrete ideas on the respectful spectating challenge?


The explanation is like, right above your post…? You just need to knock your opponent down (or get knocked down) so the bear in the background trips over. Works three times or so, after that he doesn’t trip anymore so I suggest just doing it until that point.


He didn’t explain at all what you have to do, he just said what he did. You just gave a better explanation.
To be more precise, according to the description I think that you have to knock your opponent down until the bear finally moves to the right.


Thanks @OceanMachine


Thanks for clarifying @OceanMachine. These instances are what I hoped this thread would be for.

I don’t want to be the only one posting on here. Guys, please feel free to share and post if you find any more details. Thanks!


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12/8 - 12/15: SLEEPING DOG

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Choose “Apprentice Alley” stage.
  3. Repeatedly knockdown your opponent on the left side of the screen until the sleeping dog wakes up.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


12/15- 12/22: DATTA’S WISH - Specifics Unknown

What I did:

  1. Selected Versus mode.
  2. Chose “Apprentice Alley” stage.
  3. Selected opponent Dhalsim.
  4. Stayed near the center-right portion of the stage (in front of woman and child)
  5. My CPU opponent Dhalsim won round 1.
  6. I won round 2.
  7. Lost round 3 to Dhalsim.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


Basically what needs to happen is that Dhalsim needs to win a match in Apprentice Alley.


12/22 - 12/29: You Toucan Be Friends

What I did:

  1. Selected Versus mode.
  2. Chose “Hillside Plaza” stage.
  3. Stayed near the right portion of the stage (in front of Toucan and fruit cart)
  4. Continued to knockdown the CPU until the Toucan flew off its perch and grabbed the fallen fruit.

Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.


When’s this mission due? I’m not gonna be able to play until very late on Sunday and I don’t wanna miss out on any easy FM event.


Look better my friend. 12/29