SFV - Do you even play online?


KI plays fine. SF5 is a teleporting disaster. Funny how other games work well and SF5 does not.


Funny that this comes from the guy,who calls SFIV netcode amazing on steam,but doesn’t even dare to mentoi it here.

I realy want to know these 4 characters.


Let me guess,Necalli,Nash,Mika and Ken

Maybe do the following:
Set connection to 4-5 or 5 only and activate fight request, now you can manualy accept the matches and now 2 who tries to sell you he’s a 5 can slip trough.

There is also a Steamguide that might help you :


Well, he says he has no difficulty playing other fighting games. That suggests the problem is with this game specifically, and not his connection.


East Canada here (Montreal), and 95% of my matches are smooth, whether I’m playing west coasters or Europeans. I’m on PS4 though.


PC. Haven’t touched the game since weekend fight money challenges (either once a week or once a month or so)… which I regret trying to get the challenges, because the last thing I want to do is play online SFV (besides the specific people that are good connections on my/our end.) The one-sided problems still exist… and we are almost 10 months in throughout the game’s lifespan. I think I’ve put in more online time with R6 Siege than in SFV, and FPS games aren’t really my forte of choice.


I think he means Ken, Ryu, Necalli and Cammy, as they’re are the only 4 characters in the game with true invincible reversals that do not require meter.

One thing he’s right about though is how shit the online is.
We’re talking about the biggest fighting game franchise of all times, and it plays worse online than poverty games like Skullgirls, casual mashers like MKX and fucking emulated arcade games like all the GGPO games.

On top of that the game’s menus and functionality outside of training room and vs, looks and feels like it was designed by a retarded intern who had 3 days to finish the job.

The retardedness that is Capcom publishing fighter profiles on fucking websites, instead of having that shit as unlockables in the game among other fun stuff, and using a F2P money system in a fucking $60 retail game is worth mentioning too.

Man, even the gameplay in parts is unfinished.
If you really believe proximity moves aren’t in the game so that “every button has more meaning” like Capcom representatives claimed or that neutral jump moves retain the same animations and hit/hurtboxes as forward/back jump moves are something that they planned, then you’re retarded, too.

Shit like this and Birdie’s cr.mp and Ryu’s jumping lk are just symptoms of a rushed product.
They just ran out of time to animate more moves and had to throw that pile of shit out asap.

Which is sad cuz the core game is pretty fun, I just can’t bring myself to play it a lot anymore.
There’s always that one ragequitter or teleporting motherfucker, that makes me turn it off and play something that is remotely fun online.


Your thread should be

SF5, do you even play?


miss your posts in the sfV thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the postive reinforcement.
I should just write an article with my angry thoughts towards the game and submit it to SRK.
With all the trash articles on the front page, maybe my shit has a chance to be published, too. xD


Second that KI plays great. SG plays great. Hell, even shitty ol’ delay-based Xrd plays pretty well. I won’t touch MKX, but I’d bet my life that it plays better online too.

SFV has still not figured out its netcode. It is too hit or miss, and it misses too regularly.


I have no idea what the OP is talking about with his “internet tops” and his poor online SF5 gaming in spite of it. I have a 3 mbps maximum throughput dsl connection with a 30 ms ping and had a good percentage of smooth and minimally lag free fights. It’s only when the internet connection starts tanking (usually due to my modem/router) that I start experiencing the stuttering, freezing and disconnects. I know that I will never be able to compete on a high level based on my connection speed, but I still am able to enjoy very competitive and enjoyable matches with very little, and not game breaking lag.


I’ll say it one more time… I play many other games without issues, the problem is not my connection.

I think the issue is geography and architecture. Most people I talk to that live in or near large city centers don’t have issues with online play (or claim 95% of their matches are decent). I feel frustrated because other games don’t have this issue… games that belong to tiny studios (when compared to Capcom). I just don’t understand the logic, it feels lazy… is Capcom out of touch? I’ve heard MVC3 on PS4 is also suffering from terrible online play.


your ignorance amuses me…


They didn’t change the netcode for MvC3 so it’s as terrible as it ever was.


get used to it …new game will not be better. :coffee: :


I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt. After all MvC3, SF4 and SF5 weren’t developed by Capcom unlike the upcoming MvCI.


Canada’s internet infrastructure is some of the worst out there. I’m surprised you don’t have trouble with other fighting games.

In any case, have you checked whether you’re getting relayed or direct fights? Look at the little icon on the bottom of the screen when you go into a fight. If it’s not two dots joined by a wiggly line (see screenshot below for how it’s supposed to look), then you’re getting relayed connections, which 9 times out of 10 means you’re in rollback city.


If you are in fact not getting direct connections, try forwarding TCP and UDP ports 7777,7778,15000 and 5000, then try again. If you’re still getting relays, then I dunno.

If you are in fact getting relays, it’s supposed to be borderline. Not really Capcom’s fault, I don’t think you can do relayed fighting games unless all your moves are 20+ frames or something.


2 victorias? where dey at :heart:


Everyone complains of lag and nobody picks the training stage. There’s significantly more lag on stages other than the training stage.


Obligatory screw SF5 play KOF post