SFV - Do you even play online?


Thanks for the postive reinforcement.
I should just write an article with my angry thoughts towards the game and submit it to SRK.
With all the trash articles on the front page, maybe my shit has a chance to be published, too. xD


Second that KI plays great. SG plays great. Hell, even shitty ol’ delay-based Xrd plays pretty well. I won’t touch MKX, but I’d bet my life that it plays better online too.

SFV has still not figured out its netcode. It is too hit or miss, and it misses too regularly.


I have no idea what the OP is talking about with his “internet tops” and his poor online SF5 gaming in spite of it. I have a 3 mbps maximum throughput dsl connection with a 30 ms ping and had a good percentage of smooth and minimally lag free fights. It’s only when the internet connection starts tanking (usually due to my modem/router) that I start experiencing the stuttering, freezing and disconnects. I know that I will never be able to compete on a high level based on my connection speed, but I still am able to enjoy very competitive and enjoyable matches with very little, and not game breaking lag.


I’ll say it one more time… I play many other games without issues, the problem is not my connection.

I think the issue is geography and architecture. Most people I talk to that live in or near large city centers don’t have issues with online play (or claim 95% of their matches are decent). I feel frustrated because other games don’t have this issue… games that belong to tiny studios (when compared to Capcom). I just don’t understand the logic, it feels lazy… is Capcom out of touch? I’ve heard MVC3 on PS4 is also suffering from terrible online play.


your ignorance amuses me…


They didn’t change the netcode for MvC3 so it’s as terrible as it ever was.


get used to it …new game will not be better. :coffee: :


I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt. After all MvC3, SF4 and SF5 weren’t developed by Capcom unlike the upcoming MvCI.


Canada’s internet infrastructure is some of the worst out there. I’m surprised you don’t have trouble with other fighting games.

In any case, have you checked whether you’re getting relayed or direct fights? Look at the little icon on the bottom of the screen when you go into a fight. If it’s not two dots joined by a wiggly line (see screenshot below for how it’s supposed to look), then you’re getting relayed connections, which 9 times out of 10 means you’re in rollback city.


If you are in fact not getting direct connections, try forwarding TCP and UDP ports 7777,7778,15000 and 5000, then try again. If you’re still getting relays, then I dunno.

If you are in fact getting relays, it’s supposed to be borderline. Not really Capcom’s fault, I don’t think you can do relayed fighting games unless all your moves are 20+ frames or something.


2 victorias? where dey at :heart:


Everyone complains of lag and nobody picks the training stage. There’s significantly more lag on stages other than the training stage.


Obligatory screw SF5 play KOF post


Why does this need bumping, and why do you think Training Stage magically solves poverty internet?


Because he’s an idiot.
I’ve played people twice and more in a row once on my training strage and the second time on their airplane or whatever and the netcode remains shit.
There’s not less frames dropping and not less rollback in these cases, so it’s pretty clear that only picking training stage doesn’t solve anything and the fault does not lie in the consumer’s stage selection, but in Capcom’s incompetence.


Obligatory you go play KOF and piss off post.


Settle down, killer. The thread was featured at the top of the page, otherwise I wouldn’t have even noticed it.

Rollback netcode is resource intensive. I can tell you the ps4 already has a hard time running this game so any stage with a lot going on can contribute to the amount of lag you experience. Yes a bad connection is a bad connection but a good to decent connection can be made worse by playing on stages with a lot of activity due to the extra resources the hardware needs to use to render the backgrounds. Ever notice the game starts to lag a bit more during certain v triggers like Necalli’s?

I never made the claim that the training stage will just magically make a bad connection playable. You also have people with bad internet streaming netflix and all other types of nonsense while playing. Bad pc’s are also a factor. Still, none of you guys use the training stage even though it’s better, even if only slightly better.


Mid Michigan and the only time my matches get laggy is between 4-6am EST when the opponets are from overseas. Northern Canada? if you live within pissing distance from the North Pole you cant expect much


Here’s a familiar scenario for me with this pos game. So I’m playing ranked and get matched with someone with a shitty connection. Win points, lose points whatever I don’t care but I never wanna play that person again. Of course what happens next- I get matched with him again, again, again, and it never ends. Now I just close the game when I get paired with these people and proceed to lose hundreds of points every time. I’d rather disconnect than suffer through yet another unplayable match.

If these morons at Capcom had any sense they could just solve this problem by having ranked lobbies just like in SF4. Someone joins, if you don’t wanna play them just kick them problem solved. Have a “same region” option and it’s even better AGAIN just like in 4. Of course since all this is common sense they will never do any of it. The whole online element of this game is a complete joke.


The inconsistency is what really grinds my gears.
Today I fought a Guile that I fought a couple of weeks ago, when our connection sucked ass and was full of bullshit rollback on my side.
But hey today we play and the connection is alright. No big rollbacks, not too much delay.


I don’t play online, online plays me, 5 bars play like 3, jumping in is free, matchmaking takes a century.