SFV English VO Talks

I really like the English voice acting. I’m glad to see it isn’t an afterthought to Capcom. They seem to be done around the same timeframe too!

My only issue so far is Ken saying Hadoken.

Cammy, Birdie and Vega are sounding good. Chun-Li just doesnt feel right after getting used to the Japanese, like the final hit in her CA. She says ( You cant escape ) While in Japanese she does this really high pitched scream that just sounds way better.

Nash is bit weird and Ryu can use better lines. I remember hearing Ryu just saying ( Good ! ) after winning around.

Ryu’s “GOOD” is hilarious, that’s all I can say.

Ryu - the VA is literally doing an Evil Ryu impression

Chun - fucking sucks

Cammy - same as SF4

Birdie - ok, I guess, could be better

Bison - doesn’t sound as sinister compared to JPN VA

Charlie - doesn’t fit

Ken - fucking sucks

Vega - same as SF4

Necalli - sounds retarded in his intro and tries to pull a Blanka impression

Mika - fucking sucks

Karin - just what you’d expect from such a character, want to hear her actual battle voice

Rashid - he’s fine, want to hear his actual battle voice

I always end up defaulting to English VO’s for my videogamez, but I honestly gotta say I’m pretty dissapointed in the voices so far, which I thought the same for SFIV. I can only list off a handful of characters between SFIV and V that I truly think nailed it, everyone’s else just sounds really… dull. It’s not even that it’s bad because it’s not, a lot of the VA’s are super talented and utterly KILL it in other roles/games but I honestly think it’s the voice casting and directing that is lackluster which is just too bad!

Nash sucks. I didn’t like Mika’s at first but it’s grown on me. Rashid, Cammy and Vega are fine

I always thought it was weird how Ken felt a little awkward when Reuben Langdon is so amazing as Dante in DMC4.

From what I’ve heard, the English Voice Acting seems fine to me so far. It’s certainly no “Dracula in SOTN”, “original Persona 4 Chie”, or “CDI Zelda games” bad, that’s for sure.

Ryu and Ken will always be Japanese for me. I’m not saying their English voices suck, but their English voices suck (with the sole exception of Ryu’s lackluster and almost bored, “Good.” being one of the best things I’ve ever heard)

Bison is always Norio Wakamoto. ALWAYS.

Mika is perfect in either language. The fact that they’re both Naruto is perfect. I hate Naruto.

I’m bored with Chun Li’s English VA at this point. She approaches the character like she’s a kid when she can do better.

English Nash is weird. Needs more bass in his voice, literally. Not this quiet dude who thinks he’s bad thing he’s doing. Gonna leave him on Japanese.

English Birdie and Cammy are perfect, surprisingly. Rashid is good too, just… not what’s needed. Where’s the brown guy voicing the brown guy? :-/

Necalli needs to shut up in either language.

Karin will be in Japanese as well because a) fuck that accent and 2) already predicting English VA won’t match that top tier laugh.

Vega is apparently forgettable. I forgot him. He aight.

the only English dubs that Mika’s English voice actor did before Street Fighter 5 was dubbing for the IkkiTousen animes in which she did the English voice of Shiko Soujin and the English dub for a game called The Guided Fate Paradox .

Everyone is going english for me.

Aside from Cammy and maybe Mika, everyone is Japanese. The English VAs are just awful performances all round.

Ryu is decent and so is Vega, but not enough for me to prefer them over their Japanese counterparts. Don’t even get me started on Bison. Gerald was barely okay in his SF4 portrayal, now he’s unlistenable. Too much camp, Capcom.

Ryu: Decent. SF4 performance is a bit better.
Chun-Li: MVC3 Chun was Laura Bailey’s best take on the character. This time she seems…off.
Charlie: Totally off. They should have gotten Liam O’Brien or D.C. Douglas. Immediately switching to Japanese.
M. Bison: Norio Wakamoto is the only Bison. Unless this game’s dub was union and we got Steve Blum or Crispin Freeman as Bison. Sadly, we don’t.
Cammy: Still perfect. Caitlin Glass is sex.
Birdie: Way better than the Japanese voice.
Ken: Wow. His battle dialogue took a HUGE hit in terms of quality. His intro and winquotes are fine though.
Necalli: Don’t like his voice in either language.
Vega: Huge improvement from SF4, which was already pretty good to begin with.
R. Mika: Worst voice in the game.
Rashid: Need to hear battle dialogue, but right now I’m liking his Japanese voice more.
Karin: Need to hear battle dialogue, but so far she sounds perfect.

Mika’s voice actress is no longer the same one who did Naruto.

Now when you say “no longer”…?

EDIT: NVM, did my homework. Damn, they got some good impersonators in both languages then. Kudos.

Double post

Love Mika’s and and it took a while, but I’m digging Karin’s so far. Necalli I think is appropriate, though not necessarily good.

Birdie’s is okay, Bison’s is fine. Ryu’s there too.

Haven’t heard enough of the other characters to really comment.

I don’t mind the voice actors, my problem is with the scripting. Like R Mika’s motivational speech to exercise when she holds V-skill, and Rashid saying “yahoo” like fucking Mario seem out of character or like the scripts could just be better.

Everybody sounds super cheesy. I’m not super into anybody at this point.
I think a big problem is the writing. Like, how am I supposed to take any of this seriously?