SFV Execution/Combos thread. Which characters can still light to medium link/target?

Alioune tweeted about this a while ago. If you move forward or backward before doing a link you can create a true one frame link. This happens because the input buffer shuts off if you move before doing a link.

From @Wikum i know that this combo is possible but it’s incredibly hard - df.hp cc (crush counter), slight walk forward, cr.mp, mk rebellion, cr.mp, super

Post any just frame/non input buffer combos you guys come up with.

So it’s following the walk-forward-jab combos some characters were able to perform in SF4? This makes new combos possible in SF5? Perhaps not with jab, but other advantage giving moves.

Essentially. Apparently this was possible in SFxT as well. It’s just more relevant in this game since it specifically shuts off the input buffer making the link a raw link.

Mika seems to get a s. lp after her s. mk on counterhit at max range. Whether it’s a one frame link or not I don’t know. It’s not easy though. f+mk at max range, s. lp, qcf+p is a 3 hit combo, I’ve done it twice now. Both times against ken’s c. mk.

That’s a standard SFV one frame link if it is one frame. In the sense that it is “one frame” but not a true one frame since you didn’t walk first to shut off the buffer.

The one frames I’m talking about are ones where you walk forward or back first which turns off the 3 frame buffer and truly makes the input just frame. Otherwise you get 3 frames to do any other one frames due to input buffer.

What you’re saying may apply to my comment honestly. I started doing f+mk, walk forward s. lp as just a thing I was doing. I only did it a couple times so I’m not sure whether you can just tap it out or whether you do have to walk forward.

Of course now the beta kicked me out so i can’t even tell you.

Basically, anything in a game that has to happen after the first free frame negates the input buffers, if any. In theory it might also happen thanks to hurtbox shenanigans and during juggles.

Hmmm ill have to mess around with this. See which ways it can be created. You make it sound like it could be done without walking also.

**Just to clarify on the Necalli combo in DevilJin’s op **- Linking the cr.mp after the walk forward isn’t the hard part, it’s walking forward enough so that the second cr.mp (the one before Super) hits your opponent. I’m certain there’s a combo monster out there that will be able to pull this off easily, but at the same time I’m pretty sure it’s a real one framer.

Is there a video of this floating around anywhere? I would like to see it if there is.

@Wikum how many times were you able to pull off the combo just for reference? So as long as you walk forward far enough for the first c.MP the second one should link? No walking forward after the first c.MP?

Also, is this is a V Trigger only combo? I can only get the MK rebellion to combo in super saiyan mode.

So anyway mika’s f.mk CH. s jab link is definitely not a walking link like that. I did it multiple times against opponents, you just tap it out. I doubt it’s even a 1 frame link, I was hitting it pretty easily.

It’s a V Trigger combo yes.

Correct. I’m pretty sure you have to hit the first cr.mp at a precise point as the opponent is spinning back towards you (this is the part that i think is the one framer).

I was able to pull off cc df.hp, slight walk forward, cr.mp, mk rebellion, cr.mp part of the combo around 5 times and is 100% possible. Cancelling it into super was theory fighter, but i’m certain you can (the last cr.mp is there to cancel into super). Only way it wouldn’t work is if the super whiffs I guess but I don’t think it will.

I’m going to test it more today.

Oh ok. So its definitely able to work. There’s no reason the super wouldn’t connect as far as SF usually goes I think. Since matchmaking is fucked this will be fun to practice.

Just wanted to make sure this is a V Trigger only combo. Couldn’t even get this started without V Trigger.

I got it on video.


EDIT = finally combo’d it into super. 8 hits, 540 damage.

Got a new one. This one really shows off the walk-


Nice. One of my old KI friends put up this video where he does walk up s.HP after s.HK crush counter. Then proceeds with mk rebellion into c.mp


I would definitely stick to the st.hk crush counter for big combos. The df.hp one is a lot trickier. You can do st.hk cc, cr.hp, hp stomp, ex dp without any walk forward whatsoever. With cc df.hp, you probably want to limit it to something safe afterwards (like walk forward, cr.mk, lp stomp).

I guess its just a flash combo at this point if s.hk lets you get a heavier normal in for less execution.

Another seemingly just frame combo off s.hp run cancel with Ken. They said its not practical since the scaling is heavy even if you land it.


Repeated run cancel strings with jabs. Wonder how tough the execution is on this.


@HiyaMaya mentioned that Karin can just frame her command dash into punch follow up sorta like a ghetto EWGF. If you get the just frame it combos off c.MK and launches higher.