Nah haven’t experienced that yet, but I’ll check again and see if I do.


All double fight money means is you get 4 days fight money for the price of 2. Not fucking much when you think along the lines of the fact that there are 31 days in one month. And with a double fight money event one weekend a month, you basically get 33 days of fight money instead of 31.

Color me not fucking impressed in the slightest.
Now, if every weekend were a double fight money thing… That would be something.


Yeah, I didn’t see the appeal of this week-end, especially with all the tournaments going on. And I honestly thought it was going to be like that every week end. For once a month, at least 4X the ammount seems fair, as 50 is really ridiculously low anyway.


Tbh 100 should be the standard, 200 during “special” weekends

With 100 as the standard it will still be

400 wins for a single Story Costume
700 wins for a single Stage
400 wins for a single Stage Alt version
1000 wins for a single DLC Character

I understand they want push use real moneys, but 100 seem the right proportion


It should be 100 for a win.

But it should also be 50 or 25 for a loss.


We would see 10 times more turbo LK users in that case.


Nah man, Capcom wants you to git gud.If you lose, you suck and deserve nothing.


Sounds like a problem for matchmaking to me.

Which is fucking retarded because it makes people that lose alot just quit playing.

Pretty much every other game that uses this currency model gives you SOMETHING if you lose, so people don’t get frustrated and give up the first time they have a losing streak that makes them feel like they’ve completely wasted their time.

This is just another example of how far more popular games have had this model perfected for awhile now, but Capcom is too stupid to just follow that model.


So what should they do, exclude users from matchmaking based on the amount of LK they use?


Of course it’s retarded.Can you imagine a casual playing this event? dude would get like 600 fight money total if he’s lucky lol


I remember you got like 10 FM per loss in the second beta. I wonder why they scrapped that, it was just a token like “nice try”.


I played a few ranked matches and got 100 FM for each win. Didn’t have any problems with it


Damn, I laughed so hard at this! Thanks.


No kidding. It should be a 10-minute coding task to put in a region filter, but for the one full-time coder at Capcom, ha! Good luck with that.


No. But someone that’s just turbo LKing should lose 100% of the time against anyone actually playing the game. So if matchmaking works properly, they should eventually drop to the point where they’re only getting matched against other people turbo LKing.


People don’t turbo LK in ranked, only in casual. They don’t lose any LP there.


You have to press start instead of lk to navigate the post match menu. BAM lk spammers are gone


Don’t worry All the lk guys are still playing usf4. I know because I don’t have 5 yet and I’m stuck playing retards that think they are awesome with one move spams(Rolento roll)


Urien Trailer is live with a breakdown. More info at TGS (September 15 Thurs - September 18)



I checked after the first match I had. I got 100 FM for my win. After that I didn’t continue to observe this. I just didn’t give a shit.