Urien launches September 22nd Thursday Bug fixes, fight money/cash purchasable colors, stage transitions, daily targets etc.



Wow, I was expecting a few stage transitions, that’s plenty. Like the sound of this update;

Friggin’ Urien is here
Daily Targets
9 stage transitions


- clarifying EDIT-

End up i was wrong lol


…So half the FM would’ve been okay? Jeez. We are a little picky here?


I thought I was going to be able to buy colors individually.

No way I’m spending that much money to get the one color I actually wanted.


Does that $4.99 color pack mean you get colors 3-10 for all characters or just one? That makes a big, big difference.
Expensive either way, but it goes from, “That’s kind of annoying,” to, "Get the hell outta here with that price!"
Just seems really vague and ambiguous (as usual). Guess we’ll just have to wait until Thursday and go into the shop to see.


- clarifying EDIT-

End up i was wrong lol


170k FM is not just for Ryu but for all colours of all default and story costumes for all the 16 original characters. It makes a single colour just slightly above 650FM. I was skeptical about this before but at the end I feel it’s far from a robbery.


If that $4.99 is for all 16 characters, then it’s not as bad.


Capcom needs to clarify because the wording is not clear.


This, for how is write as now imho it seem individual price

“Original Character Default Color Pack (3-10) - 85k FM/$4.99”

English it’s not my first language, but if is for all, it should be something like this

“All Original Characters Default Color Pack (3-10) - 85k FM/$4.99”


If is for all then it’s fair and i will probably buy Default and Story packs for both originals and DLCers

But sound too good coming from SFV lol


Think of the worst possible scenario and that is your answer.


I thought that too, but then why would they make the pack 85k for original characters and 40k for DLC characters? The logical answer is because there are less DLC characters than original characters.


No, the logical answer imho is because not-SeasonPass-holders will have in the first place to spend 100k FM/4.99$ (iirc) to get each DLC character

Basically a single DLC char will still cost more as FM/$


It makes sense to charge less for the DLC char colors because you already had to spend FM or real money to get them in the first place. That was what I thought, but this logic doesn’t apply to story costumes, so I don’t know.

I just think that would be a bit too generous coming from Capcom.


Honestly, if Capcom tries to charge $4.99 for a set of 7 colors for one costume for one character, I’m gonna be calling BS real quick.
I know Capcom has been ridiculous this whole time with their DLC and prices, but $5 for 7 colors for one character and one costume for that character is insane!
As such, while the English is super ambiguous (Capcom, get some real flippin’ translators!), I can imagine only one realistic possibility.


I believe it’s possible simply because Capcom knows they don’t have a lot of fight money/cash necessary content yet. Which means they will most likely charge FM/Cash premiums on them to hope that whales come in and suck it up. All of the game modes and characters do not require cash to purchase and have very manageable fight money requirements. If you don’t care about what your characters look like then you really just have to gather up some fight money by playing often and never really have to spend another real dime on the game.

We already know Capcom wants to gouge people on cosmetic content. They kinda have to as fighting games are pretty simplistic as far as what content you can give people outside of the cosmetics. They can’t let you buy new special moves or things that will make the game pay to win. So the premium is stuff that’s not necessary for Capcom Pro Tour. The competitive and casual gameplay content they’ll make easy for you, but of course the premium comes for cosmetics. Not being able to sell pay to win content limits what they can sell to begin with. The DLC characters are made with meticulous balance in mind so you can’t go spending fight money/cash on a DLC and expect to get free wins either.

As far as just getting the characters is concerned, the daily challenges should really help with making that easy for those coming into the game and the characters are the core of the game. It’s just if you’re a cosmetics lover they’re going to have you by the fight money/wallet.

Could be different, just don’t be surprised at all if that’s what you see on Thursday.


Looking at the pricing for colors, $4.99 for all the colors for all 16 characters seems too cheap. But at the same time $4.99 for for just one character is insane.

But yeah, I’m leaning towards it being for one character now. Capcom isn’t gonna give away colors for like, 40 cents per character.

And the price difference between original and dlc chars might not mean anything. Maybe they’re discounting the default colors for DLC characters because they’re giving season pass holders those colors for free too.

So yeah, expect the worst and pray for the best lol.


The method they’re using also opens up survival mode to still be necessary as I figured they would do. Don’t want to burn all your FM on colors? Well survival mode is still there.

You have to think about it because if they did it in a more economical way, people would run out of things to use their fight money or cash for extremely quickly. Especially the ones who have already had the game for a while. Premium costumes unlock all the colors immediately just like Killer Instinct and Season Pass holders get everything set up to go already. Which means they gouge those that don’t have season passes.


What’s sucks though is if you already got colors 1-6 for your character, you’re paying $5 for 4 colors lol.