Or you could just git gud and beat Survival on Hard. Whatever.


Long story short, buy the season pass or just buy some premium costumes you really like as those will have all colors unlocked immediately with no FM expenditure.

That or do the daily targets and go to work for Capcom.


- clarifying EDIT-

End up i was wrong lol


Sounds like Capcom is doing what they’re doing because they figure they can survive on it. I think their interest now is in keeping the people that are still actively playing more than garnering any more casuals who would most likely only play the game for a bit and then run on to the next big thing. They may open up a free to play version of the game or create a non mandatory purchaseable disc update, but that’s about it I think.

Game is still number one in fighting game eSports and that was still the big focus of the game. If they can carry the game in eSports for the next 5 years that’s all they’ll really care about I think. Just enough to keep the engine running.


- clarifying EDIT-

End up i was wrong lol







In that case will buy all 4 packs

Original Default
Original Story
DLC Default
DLC Story

Mixing $ and FM

Props for them to do it right

Still feel not bad about instant suspect the worse lol, trust must be built

Nice first step btw

Now that we know they read us, it’s the moment:

For Mika pls


Good, Capcom legit surprised me there.


Even if color are basically “free” to do, that’s an huge improvement compared to other contents price

I missed that too
"Season pass holders will automatically get colors 3-10 for all 16 original characters." (just read on eventhubs)


All the casuals shall return with this news. Based Capcom


To avoid confusion on who read the updates, i edited my post with the confirmed version

Feel free to erase


@“DevilJin 01” I like how you convinced everyone it was $4.99 per character so that the $4.99 for ALL characters would be that much sweeter. Good stuff.


Value is simply a matter of perception. If you set yourself up for the lowest value, the true value will be better


Like psychologists have said many times, the key to happiness is lowering expectations because then you’re sometimes pleasantly surprised by life. Also, I agree that with Capcom you always have to assume the worst, but this is really nice.

I wonder if they’ll ever make colors 11-15 available via FM/money.


I’d still rather be paying 650 FM for individual colors than paying 85,000 for 128. 90% of which I don’t want, and will never use.


Welp, this is what they gave us. With daily challenges shouldn’t be much an issue. All premium costumes get unlocked immediately any way.


Meh, still don’t like having to buy colors in packs… Like what do I care for fangs colors or kens colors etc for? It’s just capcom selling us shit we will never use.


They could have had more options, but 85,000 FM isn’t very hard to get. Especially with the targets.


Capcom probably will make more money off the packs then allowing you to buy all the colors individually.
Although, after the color packs settle down, they’ll probably offer individual colors as well.
I think it’s amusing that with all the stuff announced for this update, the colors are the main topic of conversation.
I still can’t wait for the SFIII classic costumes.