Well obviously. If all I want is Rashid’s black color, it’ll cost me $5 instead of 25 cents.


Tbh in a kinda egoistical way i prefer them forcing the buy of the whole pack

Because i like cast variety and i will like they keep doing shit for every char, not only for the specific ones that sell… because in that case only waifus+Ryu/Ken will get extra stuff, and who like unpopular characters (and i mean more than half cast) will not get new stuff lol

…wich is what is already happening with costumes (that in fact you can buy one by one), see the girls have already 1 more alt, with Cammy and Chun 2 (Chun soon 3, by Akiman)
It’s the DoA logic

If was for me i will prefer the SF4 way with costume packs (5 char), and will be extra asshole by splitting females and put 1-2 in each group, to prevent manginas to buy only the female pack lol

Be glad it’s only colors XD


Now I fear that with the dailies and shit I will have so much FM I won’t have anything to spend it on. Hope they put some new non-premium content out lol


Keep it, Bison classic stage will likely be 70k FM



It could also be real money only :sad:


I’m still clutching my fight money tightly only spending for characters and one or two costumes. Just have to figure with the raise in the ability to get fight money we will have to see a significant price increase on season 2 characters right? Right?


More than likely they’re just going to create more things to spend fight money on than increase the prices. More stages are a quick way to add fight money necessary content.


Speaking of which, where are all the new stages? There are a ton I’d like to see that are absent. Still waiting on those classic costumes as well.


Am I tripping or did they add new voice lines when you go into training mode? I coulda sworn Chun’s always said something like “the secret to success is daily training”, and now she’s saying some new shit when I hop in.


It’s just random which ones they say. She also says “I’m going to get something sweet after this” but doesn’t say it as often as the other quotes.




I’m a season pass holder, so I don’t care.



i’m surprised they did’nt sell some stages from the cinematic mode

This was good

This could have been NYC alt version

Or the elevator one where Chun Li fight Fang


I’m sure the alt. stages are coming soon enough.
I agree that it’s weird that they’ve waited at all to release them though.
Maybe there are some lag issues on those stages, etc.


i’m surprised no one ever brings up that the stage i the first video is actually in Uriens background.


When I first beat story mode I thought “Why aren’t these stages in the game”. Was playing on my pretty good PC at the time. Replayed story mode on PS4 for fight money and realised why, there are really bad frame drops on most of these stages. They need to be optimised before they can be used.


I hope that colours 11-15 stay unlockable through levels, gives you a prize for playing with one character enough. I like them the way they are, in fact it would have been better if all the costumes and colours were unlocked in this way. New costume or colour every lvl up.


Anyone know what time the update is released?


Folks on Twitter talking about playing Urien as soon as they get home… I’m like did I miss something???