Haven’t seen anything on twitter about the release time yet. Maybe we’ll get lucky with an early morning release


I remember them saying that due time-zone for Japan it will be 23th, so i guess evening for euro zone and early afternoon for usa?




I assume the update will be available after the maintenance is done.


Maintenance should be done in about 2 hours and 30 min


Update already downloaded both ps4 menu and in game. Waiting for servers


Cool. I’m starting my download now. Should be up in 30 minutes.

Servers are up, but no data is available for the dailies.


I can’t download the 1.12 update, what gives?


**PC will now have D Input support. Can finally use PS3/4 controllers

Rage quit penalties are finalized and now every rage quit will result in loss of LP. Too many rage quits will brand you with a sign that will help people avoid fighting you.

Can change music to character or stage themes finally.ort so you can use PS3/4 controllers.


i dont see any option to opt into a beta :frowning:


**Season 2017/Akuma officially launches on Tuesday the 20th @ 5PM PST/8PM EST **

Server maintenance for 8 hours before around 9AM PST/12PM EST


Good news. Let’s get some damn patch notes.


The patch is late as fuck. I think that’s 1am Wednesday GMT


And 2am here

As european, count ever the day after the one they say


Still no s2 season pass on Steam, wtf


inb4 PS4 exclusive


It was just a pre-order on PSN. They are most probably just selling it day 1 on Steam.


PC plebs will be able to enjoy the holiday season soon enough.

The hackers already are any way.


so now, if I got disconnected one time because of my connection I lose points as if I’ve quit?
that’s the most stupid thing capcom would ever do about.
please, give more info asap, because otherwise ranked will be a slot machine and I don’t want to lose points because of crashes.


I am actually surprised by radicality of that deсision. But i like it. Because it definitely will stop rage quitting. It is also in compliance with tournament rules. You interrupt a match, intentionally or not - you lose.
But i think that taking points for disconnect will be gone soon. People will not like it. And isolating rage quitters is also a good decision if it will work.