Seeing how it took Capcom a year just to fix the rage quitting, this is probably the best you’re going to have for a while. Make sure you have an up to date computer with enough RAM to not have shit crash and good luck if you have crap internet. Otherwise should be fine.


If your connection crashes you DID quit and should be punished accordingly.

It’s no difference for your opponent if you ragequit or lost internet connection.

If every quit is punished, ragequitting doesnt make any sense anymore, you lose those meaningless points anyway, therefore reducing it happening already.


Actually if you lose it anyway, ragequitting will happen more. To the rage quitter:
option A: i lose the pts, you gain the pts.
Option B: i lose the pts. You don’t get the pts
Up to 2-3x whatever it is


My life experience shows that people do shit for the gain often and just in spite rarely. So i disagree. Just denying you points, doesn’t change much for them and is not good enough a motivation.


I don’t get why people complain since there was exactly the same system in SF4 minus the icons.


I’m also surprised. Sure, I lost points when I had some accidental disconnection, but in SF5 I had as much rage quitters in one week than in one YEAR of SFIV, so WAY MORE points lost. So yeah, I really think only the rage quitters are in loss with the new (old SFIV) system.

I’m just baffled this was not implemented from the get go.


it doesn’t make sense a game that punishes the user for a problem that belongs to the machine or the line. a total nosense.
by the way: this way Lag-Switchers will make party-hard on ranked and the game is just ruined by changing one bad with another.
basically now we’re hostage to lag-switchers on ranked.


Sorry If I’m being kind of repetitive here, but what time exactly the patch is suppose to be available to download?


Prolly when the servers go offline in about 2 hours


So before everyone complained that RQ wasn’t punished enough and asked to implement the same system as in SF4, now that they did we complain about lag switchers… Maybe we should realise that there isn’t a 100% foolproof method against cheating.
Besides, lag switchers are a VERY small minority as it usually requires to spend money on an external tool. I think we can live with that 0,00001% of online cheaters.




I’m not used to solve a problem by creating another one. you say it’s smaller but it could get bigger because of the “solution”.
the real deal would have been change the requirements for that gold trophy of the golden league rank. this is the only game that is so strict to obtain a trophy and it’s the only game where RQ is so frequent.
Just take a look at other online communities and you’ll find a better environment. I’m sure it helps that the developers made trophies that doesn’t drive hunters to mess with competitive players so much.
competitive players doesn’t care about trophies, just about being good players, so nobody will care if the platinum will be easy to obtain after a patch, just throw a bone a to trophy hunters to push them away and let people close off lag-switchers.


I agree about the trophy. However I don’t think many people will just go as far as to buy a lag switch just to get one trophy.


lag-switch is used even by lamers and noobs, and it’s even more damaging than ragequit.
if someone ragequits against me, I don’t get points for the victory but I don’t lose points either. I still keep what it’s mine.
if I get stuck against a lag-switcher and I can’t quit, I lose points to a cheater that doesn’t deserve to win and my rank decrease because of a cheater.
People doesn’t complain about this just because it’s more tricky to understand when someone is using lagswitch on purpose, and ragequit is obvious. but the LS is definitely worse and toxic.


Lag switching requires a tool called lag switch (hence the name), which should either buy built or bought. No “lamer” or “noob” will waste his money for that unless he’s a toxic dude that wants to use it for more than one online game. It’s not like ragequitting which literally requires only to press two buttons.

Also understanding when someone lag switches is fucking easy. The entire game slows down and almost freezes in very specific spots in a way that never happens under regular lag.


Ok so Im on this update now. Is anyone else getting an onslew of “Failed to report blah blah blah” at the rematchscreen and during the matches and “Connection Lost to opponent” at the connection/rematch screen? Its annoying as fuck.


Yes. I think the servers are ded


Yeah last 15-20 i’ve got in training immediately DC’d.


Yup I’m not touching ranked


Yeah I just stopped after my pure disconnect icon was gone. It counts even in casual, mine keep happening either before the match starts or during rematches. Not playing at all till they figure this out. Theres already the reaper sign on people when you see their bars before a match.