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Reveal trailer:


Kolin breakdown and balance patch info. Characters will launch every other month after Kolin



Same thing happened to me. A super gold beat my gold vega, and got over 200 points cause they showed as rookie. I won and got the typical 65. Lame.


*" Capcom’s Japanese CFN page has announced that Street Fighter 5 servers will be seeing some downtime fairly soon.

The announcement states that the downtime will be from 3p.m. ~ 10p.m. Japanese time on February 15th. For West Coast Americans, this means you won’t be able to play online from 10p.m. to 5a.m.

We’re a little over two weeks away from the next update patch, on February 28th, that will feature the game’s newest fighter: Kolin. At this point we do not know the nature of the maintenance, but it’s worth noting that this is on the same date as the Lupe Fiasco X Street Fighter event. "*


It’s the regular maintenance they do around the 15th of every month.


Lup Party and Kolin Gameplay Reveal should start in about 7 hours. 6pm PST


Sigh, that’s like 5AM in Moscow.


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Putin could handle it. Why cant you?


Tbh Putin should just pick a new president for Capcom USA


Trump is already too busy being President of THE USA.


Wow you, crashed_and_burned with that joke.


How original.


You’re really taking this student of irony business to heart…


Someone said something really mean. How awful.


Speaking of bad jokes.
First we had Urine, now we get Colon. Capcom is sliding us right down the toilet. Are the next two characters going to be named Falice and Pheesees?
They need to bring back the remaining characters from SSFT2. That will pick up their sales.



Servers will be down tonight. There are RUMORS that because this patch is coming at an awkward time that it may involve an extra balance patch with the changes that are supposed to come in before CPT starts. No guarantee of that though and it’s very likely Capcom may have to wait until after NA CPT starts this Friday to change things. Possible, but don’t get your hopes up as this could be just standard maintenance on a weird day.


Made a mistake. Servers are actually going down tonight.


Skipped the gym just so I could grind ranked before the Urien Nerf and you’re telling me I had today too…