Hey it was late when I saw the servers were going down and…

Well I’ll post again after its done (runs away)

Shin Blanka points out he has to update systems tonight so unnannounced patch may be coming


Servers are back up. No word of a patch for the immediate future


Shouldn’t the title be updated ?

Anyways, The patch is confirmed to be coming at the end of April, might be with a new DLC character given the time frame.


Yeah I figured it was a given that people know the patch is confirmed. Just since it’s not coming till the end of next month the title is still rather fitting LOL.

I’ll update the title once the new character gets announced. That way people will see the new character and the tiny update patch and all the other things that may come with.



*Hello Online World Warriors!

We mentioned back in January that the team had been hard at work for several months to improve Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) and we are very happy to share with you more details on the improved CFN system.

We understand that Street Fighter V’s server performance has been a less than optimal experience for many of our players. The improved CFN experience is the result of rebuilding it from the ground up to address the most pressing issues that will ultimately result in a better online experience.

That said, we want to collect feedback and ensure everything is optimized for launch. We will be giving PC players a sneak peek of what’s to come while putting the new CFN through its paces with an official PC Beta Test. Hit the jump for all the information.

The new CFN PC Beta Test will start on 3/28 at 1pm PST and will end on 4/3 at 12pm PST. It will be limited to Steam users only, but will be completely FREE to play for both current and new players.

Since this beta is to test our new online infrastructure, it will only feature Online Modes. The beta is entirely separate from the base PC client but players’ current CFN username, rank, standing and other details will carry over to the beta client. For new players, they will be able to download the PC client for free and set up a new CFN profile to play for the duration of the test. All data recorded during the beta is for testing purposes only and once the beta has concluded, all replays, Fight Money earned, progress and player data will be deleted. To encourage players to participate in the beta test, all released characters, including Kolin will be unlocked for play.

If that wasn’t enough to get you to try it out, we are also going to give PC Beta Testers a sneak peek at our Season 2 Balance Adjustments. The full list of adjustments can be found in our previous blogpost here. Once the test is concluded, we’ll make further adjustments to optimize the new CFNand it will make its full release on both PS4 and PC shortly after.

Here is a list of improvements you can expect with the new CFN:

Rage Quit Penalty System

Back in December, we implemented an update to the Rage Quit System which displayed a special Player Profile Icon for the worst offenders and the most honorable players. These icons are working correctly now and matchmaking logic now takes into account your online behavior and frequent disconnectors will be matched with similar opponents.

Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times

We understand many players were not happy with the load times when entering online matches. There will now be a shorter transition when going into a Ranked or Casual Match.

Battle Lounge Country Flags

Country flags should now properly load in Battle Lounges, allowing players to locate competition in their region.

Training Mode – User Settings Saved

Training Mode settings are now saved and will carry over to the next time the mode is accessed.

Matchmaking Improvements

It should now take less time to find an opponent in online matches. We’ve also added logic which avoids frequently being matched with the same opponent repeatedly.

Fighter Profile Stats

More detailed stats will be tracked and presented on your Fighter Profile.

Country / League Based Rankings

Players will now be able to filter leaderboards based on Country or League.

Friend Management System

In addition to adding a player to your Favorites, you can now add Friends and follow them on CFN. You can now also Blacklist players.

Interactive Timeline

On the CFN home menu, a live feed of your Friends’ activities is presented on an interactive Timeline. Using the Timeline, you can immediately add a recent match to your Replay List, view a Fighter Profile, manage your Friends, and adjust Timeline display settings.

In-Game Announcer Voice

The in-game announcer will give you stats on both you and your opponent using data pulled from the server.

The new CFN server updates mark a new beginning for playing SFV online and we encourage our players to participate in the PC Beta Test to see what improvements we have in store.*


@Dragonfave723 thank’s for the link and description


I was pleasantly surprised to see this announcement today.


I figured it was coming. They said from a while back that they had a separate team chipping away at it for a while. At least we know they’re doing something in the off months between characters


While I am happy for this patch I hope Capcom still has more of these types of patches in the pipeline.

I’d hate for them to think that this fixes everything. A good sign is they are Beta testing things on PC now so the likely hood of more patches seems probable.


Very nice surprise. Gotta admit it’s a lot more than I thought they’d do and I’m pretty sure they’re not even close to done yet since these are pretty simple changes to improve the game’s QoL. Capcom giving haters less reason to be alive. I love it. It’s obvious Capcom prefers big updates over incremental ones.


They also can’t do differently because of how console patching works.


I think they also know that much of the rollback is caused by Steam side/PC related crossplay issues, which hardly stem from the PS4 side of things.

If they can nail down the netcode on the PC side of things first, they must be betting on that resolving the crossplay issues.

I just hope it works, as I’m about to permanently play PS4 to PS4 exclusively.


Mustard Race poisoning the scene yet again.

This is my one chance to try to play the Mustard Race version again. I can’t play on PC because every round that plays rolls back like crazy after 10 seconds. Whereas on PS4 unless the opponent has a laggy connection it’s pretty smooth.

The only issue at that point would be the boogeyman idea of the opponent catching one sided lag, but they’re catching it so fuck them. Usually can play long sets without hearing too much about rollback from the other player on PS4.

I do also wonder if the beta will be able to handle the obvious influx of people playing since the beta will be free to anyone that has Steam basically. Hopefully they have done something to the servers or whatever they need to do so that the game doesn’t blow up with all of the potential players.


New servers confirmed. Possibly means they’ve gotten rid of their contract with the former overseas company.


Hmmm … good point, yet maybe they figure that if there are a ton of new people playing just out of curiosity this:

  1. Can serve as a trial by fire concerning the obvious issues when the server is normally overwhelmed from higher traffic. (I.E. - Everytime a new character is released.)

  2. This may attract new players to the game if they like the experience.


Plus if they can make some beta free to play, it really hearkens to the idea that they should just do a DOA/KI style free to play version. Let people always be able to access online with one or a few characters that rotate. That would allow more fairweather people to always access the game and generally drive up the player base. Not to mention get more money in if they happen to find some characters they want to buy after the more solid UI/Matchmaking experience.

This obviously wouldn’t be feasible with the old servers, so now is definitely the time to start putting that together if they plan to.


Any info on how to download the Beta? For instance are there any pre-downloads so you don’t gotta dl the entire thing on the 28th.


If it’s through Steam’s usual method, you right click the game, properties and then go to the Betas option and download it.

I heard it’s free to everyone however so it should just be on the beta list that Steam provides.


In the meantime, enjoy this Sunday maintenance to prepare for the beta.



I just tried and it looks like opting into the beta isnt available atm. Guess we gotta wait.