It doesn’t start until the 28th my dude


One thing they could fix is the damn clipping, especially Laura’s hair during the character select. Considering the game is shown on TV to a wider audience, you’d think they’d fix these issues. Just makes the game not look as polished as it could


Yes I realize that it doesnt started until the 28th my previous quote mentioned if you could opt in early to predownload.


I don’t have the answer to that question, but a hypothesis is that you will likely be able to


I have a slightly OT question about the servers…

Anyone have any idea why Capcom made it so that you have to be logged into the servers to earn Fight Money from single player modes (story, survival, etc)?

I can’t even see how much Fight Money I have unless I’m logged into the server.

It doesn’t make sense to me, unless it’s a way to make sure people don’t hack/cheat the system.


^ This. Everyone who played ASW games on PC knows how easy it is to have infinite money with them.


Okay, it makes sense, though it doesn’t seem like the best solution, but it is what it is. Thanks.


Beta starts 1PM PST/4PM EST. Will post if I find any details on early download of the beta.





Beta should automatically pop up in your library



It will be live in 3 hours my dude


Oh right west coast. Lol


Beta: http://store.steampowered.com/app/593880/?snr=1_5_1100__1100


Beta is LIVE


Cammy’s air throw needs to be polished. It looks a bit weird. Maybe speed it up by increasing the frames? It kind of freezes right at the end, which makes it seem too slow for it to belong to Cammy. The animation looks…off.

Loving Gief’s new stuff though.


Is his reversal move useful?


It works against very specific moves aka literal horizontal kicks (a slight angle and it won’t work), gives a hard KD with no follow-up and leaves you on CH state if you miss. It’s spectacular but very MU specific, it’s not something you’ll see used all the time.
His 400 stun flying headbutt on the other hand…


Playing the beta finally now. First thing I noticed is that it doesn’t take 30 years to load up the replay lists anymore when you search a profile. Sometimes you’d look up casual or battle lounge matches and it would take a MINUTE. It’s almost instant now.

As far as actually playing though, not so great personally. Get the same heavy rollback after 10 seconds into every round. I’ll try to mess around with some router/port settings and see if that fixes anything. Otherwise will most likely just stick with PS4 version until then.


Idk what this bullshit is either but they’ve disallowed the ability to choose your connection via ask. Very shit. Very shit. Glad points arent on the line.

No, just can’t do it in the actual menus, have to do it from the start popup on the title screen.


unable to login into the servers[2100e]