I downloaded the beta yesterday. I went on to find a match in ranked for about 5 minutes but didn’t find anything. It was still pretty early in the day though, about 6:30. I had to go so I’ll try again tonight.


Good looks @“Captain Ryu” for I think fixing my issues with the rollbacks online. Didn’t realize that many people were dealing with a similar issue. I guess resetting the cores is the way to go. I’ll let you know if it continues to work later tonight.

Played some games around midnight and mostly got matches within 30 seconds or less other than a couple times where it took 3 to 5 minutes, but it was past midnight


What info is that? The rollbacks have been plaguing my experience since day 1.


@Politank-Z CaptainRyu told me to look for the beta running in your task manager and click on set affinity. Apparently if you shut down and re up all your cores it fixes the rollbacking and skipping. I did it just one time and it seems to be working so far. Can regularly connect to 5 bar matches now without much hiccup.


you must defeat error 2100d to stand a chance


Do the settings from the full game carry over to the beta on the PC? In the beta i can see some screen tearing even though I didn’t mess with any v sync options. The game also felt more responsive to me but that may be because I’ve been playing on ps4.


Ok so I’m on the beta and it feels super responsive? Can we get an input delay test? It could also be due to the fact that I have not played the game on pc since Jan. last year and I’m used to the sluggish PS4 response. Anyone else on pc feel that the cfn beta is better or similar to the full version?


I don’t personally notice a difference other than just it finally functioning for me. Wouldn’t rule it out though


No they don’t. I actually had to copy the .ini files from the regular version to disable vsync.

Didn’t notice any particular difference in input delay, but I also always play with vsync off.


I definitely didn’t change the settings for the beta and I can see some screen tearing. The game also feels more responsive than the ps4 version for sure. I’m doing things too early on the pc version and I have them both on low ms asus monitors.

When I get a chance I’ll go and try the full pc version to try to see if there’s a difference.


I’m gonna repost my impressions here too:

I recently got a chance to play the beta and came away with the feeling of “finally some progress is being made!” I’m in central Arkansas and at times it feels like I’m in a desert because of the lack of matches. I get paired up with Canadians more than Americans at times. And connections outside of the US? Forget about it! So imagine my surprise when I entered a battle lounge, got paired up with someone with the Korean flag, and WON. The lag was minimal, and the rollbacks weren’t nearly as dramatic as they usually are. The background was having an epileptic seizure but it didn’t affect my timing. Finally.

The real test is going to come after more people get back on though. I hope they’ve sorted out cross play issues or at least made it more playable.


Capcom should really clarify that some of the new animations are still work in progress. Seeing a lot of hate for how goofy Cammy’s airthrow looks.


Cammy basically didn’t need an air throw any way, so if you luck out you just won’t see it much because she basically has enough anti air options for 3 other characters.


Thats not true, some of her moves are still no anti-airs and Capcom will fix this.
As soon as her Sweep anti-airs, she will be complete.




This means one of two things, either they are also releasing a character for April on the 25th as well (if so expect a reveal later this week) OR they are talking about the CFN Beta related changes.


I assume they are just doing a late character reveal this time and whoever the character is will be ready. Along with the already beta tested CFN changes.

New trials are unofficially confirmed for the patch also.


Welp NVM here’s the facts

**UPDATE: New character and CFN update DELAYED until after April. April update will only contain new costumes, stages and other unannounced content.

New character will be revealed soon. New beta test is coming soon


Soon Fighter V

Everything is coming soon, games been in beta for over a year, full release coming soon. Our roster was tiny at release and half of our season pass characters arrived late - more coming soon.



I’m getting sick of the word soon with their community outreach.


It’s like they read the marketing strategy from Season 1 KI devs. They used that word soon all the time and it didn’t work out too well.

Season 2 and 3 they cleaned up and usually gave more valid time frames and shit usually came out on the same month. Guess Capcom is stuck in Season 1 mode.