To stay fair, 16 character starting roster is pretty normal for a SF game.


Remaining faithful to themselves releasing at least the characters altogether was that bad? This kind of releases is just stressful.


(wrong topic, sorry)


This is why I wait to buy the final disc.



Another round of beta testing for both PC and PS4 players (May 11th to 14th).


PS4 BETA IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD (still awaiting time of release for playability)



I’m not that eager to try Ed :how_interesting: Besides I got fucked over when they took away my new music from the Thai stage :angry:


Yeah I decided not to buy the stage when I heard what happened.

Ed seems cool. I’ll mess around with him just to know that I’ll have no problem figuring out his controls compared to like everyone else apparently.


He seems great and I’ll try him when the next update is ready :joy:


Quick extra blog post with the start and end times for the beta. Hopefully we don’t have a shit ton of maintenance even though we probably will

**Beta starts Thursday @ 6PM PST/9PM EST until Sunday 6PM PST/9PM EST


Downloaded, i seen it created a second “SFV” on my PS4

Any risk that Beta does some auto-save that may overlay the SFV saves?


Seems to be a late hiccup but the beta should be starting any moment


Well I was really enjoying checking out Ed but this PC beta client has crashed on me five or six times in the last hour and now I have to wait 1439 minutes to play. Thanks Capcom.


Ed is ALOT of fun to play! But that netcode…god…still a pile of garbage.


My experience was had to wait 20 minutes for them to fix the server, then I was able to sign in on both PS4 and PC simultaneously. Only played on PC and other than a couple slow loading crossplay matches everything else ran pretty good. Minimal rollbacks on my side and the loading times for everything were noticeably faster.

No failed message to server errors either.


So far, the CFN Beta is promising. It’s taking less time to find matches in both ranked and casual. Loading times are better. I’m glad they finally shortened the time between adding/removing LP and player xp.
Player disconnect icons are working.
Even lets you know of ranking up opportunities a la Tekken 5.
Had to chuckle when the CPU mentioned how I blocked my opponent from ranking up.
My hope is that they speed up the loading screen when returning to training mode from a match, as was the case with USF4.
I only played other ps4 users, so I’ll have to go for both today.


Extra info on patch coming this Tuesday. ** Spain stage remastered, extra 50,000FM just for signing in, small extra balance changes, Thai stage re releases with new/fixed BGM



Just a reminder that servers will go down tonight and be back up at** 9PM PST/12 AM midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning**


Anybody having issues saving replays? After the patch it says my replay list is full but when I delete old replays, I’m still not able to save new ones.