SFV - Feedback ranking

Since we technically know all the chars who gonna be playable in the game launch (including the 6 DLC’s chars for this year), their themes, alternative outfits, actors/actresses who voiced them, critical arts, v-skills and v-triggers, and so on… it’s time to make a feedback ranking.

Make yourselves comfortable to choose between either “grades” (from 0 - [awful] - to 10 - [amazing]) or a la “top system” (such as TOP 3/5/whatever, both best and worst), describing whatever you want revealed/available thus far in SF5.

Let’s get the ball rolling:

Top best 5 CA (creativity level)

1- Nash (I didn’t expect that at all)
2- R. MIka (the buttslap will never RIP)
3- FANG (I dunno why, but I like it a lot)
4- Karin (her laugh needs no comments)
5- Cammy (It remembers me Killer Bee Assault super from Alpha series, which is GREAT)

Top worst 3 victory poses

1 - Birdie (that pathetic donuts is totally out of context)
2 - Necalli (kind of copy and paste Oni’s pose from SF4 series. Less lazy next time, please)
3 - Vega (actually, without the mask, he looks like a pedophile :anguished: )


Top 5 chars who should be next year as DLC

1- Rose (she’s Italian, fashion and has unique movesets/powers style. She totally fits with this game history and gameplay wise)
2- Sodom (long time no see)
3- Maki (long time no see)
4- Sagat (SF icon)
5- Honda (his v-skill should be he thrwouing salt, it’s would be epic if it happens!)

Top 3 trailers reveal

1- R. Mika (let’s be honest, nobody was expecting her back and that song from her reveal is badass)
2- Nash (After the first game trailer has dropped, he returns with his iconic glasses and heal. The hype has begun since then)
3- Necalli (I’m not a big fan of him, but I recognize those rumors about who was him - Akuma? Blanka? Honda? - were funny and people got more anxious on who the hell could be next char, a veteran or new brand char)

Let`s try it out

Top 3 useful ca

  1. Birdie
  2. Nash
  3. Bison

Best newcomer


top 5 theme

  1. Ken
  2. Karin
  3. Mika
  4. Fang
  5. Chun

Top 3 stages

  1. City in chaos
  2. Kanzuki estate
  3. Hillside plaza