SFV file size revealed

It’s WAY smaller than I thought it would be. But, it is bare bones. Weighing in at only 6 GB. http://gearnuke.com/street-fighter-v-file-size-is-surprisingly-small-for-ps4/

Preordered Physical copy, but maybe I’ll just do download this time, if it won’t kill my datacap…

6 gb? That’s tragic.

Just be careful, there is a at least 5.3 gb day 1 patch. Don’t know how much data you are restricted to.

Not surprising anyway, the PC Beta was under 4GB with every character except Fang.

Well Xrd is 7 GB with all dlc characters included, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility it that small. But you’re right, I expect way more.

Datacaps, lol.

6 gb plus a 5.3 gb day 1 patch, so yea.

And if data caps ever make it to my backyard I’m starting another AMerican revolution. Fuck that nonsense. I don’t deal with it on my phone, what makes you think I will deal with it on my damn porn box errr computer.

Meh, I’m not too concerned yet.

That’s really good news. Won’t have to worry about space on my SSD.

It turns out, you need to download an additional 6 GB to add up to a full total of 12.4 GB.

I hope they let us digital buyers dl the base game early then.

They usually let you download a day early

I checked it on my PS4, the preload is estimated to be available on the 13th.

What’s MK’s DL size?

…why is this a thread instead of a post in SFV General Discussion?

Where do I have to go to start the PS4 pre-download? Is there a news post or anything I can look at?

MKX takes like 33 gigs

Good thing I sold it.

I actually went digital after I found out the initial download was only 6-7 gigs. That’s not bad at all.

If it have been 33 gigs+ ala MKX then I would have gotten the disc.