SFV - Frame Advantage After Jump Attack


Hey all,

I’m still a bit confused about how to make decisions based on frame advantage after a Jump attack in Street Fighter V.

As far as I can tell, it depends on the timing. There is a certain amount of hitstun/blockstun from the Jump attack, but the time you are locked into the animation depends on how close you were to the ground when you hit your opponent ( the closer you were to the ground, the sooner you cancel the animation ). So there is never a set number for frame advantage because it varies.

In general, it appears that if I HIT my opponent at a reasonable height, I can follow up with another move into a combo ( and this is easily testable in Training Mode ). But what if my opponent BLOCKED the move? At this point, it feels like a toss up to me. Sometimes I can continue pressure and they seem to be locked into stun, but sometimes it feels like they get to attack first and I get countered.

Is there any rule of thumb about what I should do when my opponent blocks my Jump attack? Should I just go on the defensive and prepare to block or tech a throw? Or should I try to follow-up with a light combo, assuming I hit them at a low height ( a cross-up for example )?

Thanks for any advice.


FA on hit is fixed but the height at which you hit the opp affects your follow up moves.
FA on block depends on the height at which you engage a block. For example you’ll be negative when the block activates at the upper torso, and plus when lower. Throw hit stops into the mix and things may get more complicated.

there is no rule of thumb regarding jump attacks. Perhaps you should follow up with a throw to see if the opp techs it. if he does then either try frame traps next or stagger a combo. if he can do techs consistently, doesn’t get baited or get caught by your attack strings then its time to do some shimmys.

all in all there isnt a fixed rule of thumb but rather “feeling” out your character and mixing up your approaches.