SFV G combos & tech

Share your findings here. G seems like a pretty cool & fun character.
Some day 1 stuff by Nemo.

Long time lurk first time post. I haven’t seen this one yet but what I’ve found if you jm.lk xx vskill and when you land immediately m.dash punch you will go under switch sides and you can meaty a s.mp and beat 3 frames. I havent tried it yet with instant overhead jm.lk

Sorry if it’s slightly confusing how I explained it.

Made a small video for the last thing i posted when i had the chance to make it also added something else i found with lvl 2 prez you can srk.mp into b.hp immediately xx hado.mk then immediately into f.hp


After lv3/Ex DP , that wall bounce, on some chars. the B-HP whiff, I read/heard that you must do a micro-walk, is it a forward or backward micro walk we have to do. Because, I didn’t manage to do it.
I know I’m bad ( silver ), but I try to improve.
Thanks in advance.

A mixup in the corner with g at level 2 pres.