(Sfv) Help a 3rd striker find his footing!


Hi! Used to stalk these forums years ago, glad to see it’s still around. Been playing sfv on and off since release. Completely skipped sf4 and was in a world of hurt when I first started playing. Watching replays and tutorial videos taught me terms like ‘meaties’ and ‘block’… Parry parry parry doesn’t quite cover you in sfv. Mained Ryu until Urien came out. Just a couple of things that I need help coming to grips with…

Disclaimer - jumping is bad, I’m weening myself off it.

First one is fairly situational: opponent is ryu (for example) and we’re both jumping at each other, he belts me with mk, and we land next to each other. I’m absolutely certain that he’s going to throw, so I counter throw. Then we’re both standing there glaring at each other. I’m not thrilled with that outcome. I want to punish the opponent for being predictable. I don’t know if it’s a timing thing, but I can’t seem to nuetral jump, back jump, or backdash. Super works nicely. Is my timing just awful, or am I limited on options in this case?

2nd question was about frame data… Do I need to memorize these like times tables? I struggle at the best of times while on the defensive to work out when I’m safe to counter, outside of v-reversal.

  1. You may not have dealt damage to your opponent, but you do win something. You escape his pressure. You could neutral jump and punish, but it depends on when you land and when he lands. Again, even if he’s able to block you in time, you’re still gaining an advantage because now you’re applying the pressure.

  2. You don’t really need to know the numbers frame data, but you do need to know that if you block Ryu’s HK Tatsu then you can punish with X, or that if you block FANGs cr.MK then you cannot press buttons, etc.


Just have access to the frame data so if you have a move you are not sure if you can punish or what you can punish it with you can look it up. The more you play the more you will end up looking up and the more you will memorize