SFV: How do I time a meaty?


Hey all,

I’ve been trying to figure out meaty attacks, and I’m still pretty confused by how to use them. I mean, I get the basic idea: you hit your opponent with the END of an attack as they rise from knockdown, so that when they block, they end up in blockstun for much longer than you are in animation lock. This gives you lots of positive frames to do whatever you want.

But I cannot figure out when to actually push the button. It seems like I always end up pressing too early ( whiff ) or too late ( countered ). When should I be “aiming” to press the button? Just as the rise animation starts? Or a few frames after? And is there a good way to learn the timing in Training Mode?

Thanks for any advice!


just do right as they waking up not before or after to test meaties and train them but the dummy on no guard.


which game are you playing? Some games meaties are more risky than others.


Playing Street Fighter 5.

Ok, so right as they are waking up; why no guard on the dummy though? Isn’t that the most likely scenario ( that my opponent will be blocking )?


not always they could press a button they could mash a reversal or they could block

the reason why because if u put on block first attack they going to block the first attack all time so either after first attack or no guard.