SFV: How to Train Hit Follow-Ups? ( non combo )


Hey all,

I’ve been working on my normal timing in Training Mode recently, and have run into a problem. The issue is this:

I want to practice moves that follow other moves safely on HIT. For example, if I hit a move that is +2, I can follow that safely with a move that has a 5 frame startup. But the problem is, I can’t set up the Dummy in a way that will test this. If I were practicing follow-up moves on BLOCK, I can set the Dummy with a 3 frame move on Guard Recover. But as far as I know, there is no way to force the Dummy to do a move after being hit.

The reason I want the Dummy to react is so I can see the “Counter!” indicator to know that I got the timing right. This is like the ONLY thing I can’t figure out how to test. I get visual feedback for Combos, Block Counters, and Reversals, but not hit follow-ups.

( On a side-note; is this sort of “hit follow-up” considered a Frame Trap? Or are Frame Traps only on blockstrings? )

Does anybody have any advice for how I could test this in Training Mode? Thank you for any help!


You can test it in a way to see if it work, but not test it in a way you can “practice” it.
Record the dummy to do that specific sequence you want it to do and then YOU act as the “dummy”, pressing the button afer you get hit.

Unfortunately you can’t record the dummy to do anything after hit.

This is actually pretty high level stuff, following up “stray” hits which give you slight frame advantage and “safely” being able to throw out anothe normal. In a sense it is a frametrap but not as clearcut as when you do it during an upclose pressure string. During these ranges i assume you are using medium and heavy attacks, as lights won’t reach at all. Mediums and heavies should give you more than enough time to simply see if they are hitting or not and then decide to press another normal attack.


Record the dummy to do any move you want on block, then set the dummy to block randomly and set counter-hit as “always”. This way you can test all your frame traps and CH links.


Yeah, let me give you a simple example.

M. Bison’s Standing Medium Kick is a 7 frame move, +2 on hit, -2 on block. If you are spaced decently, you can follow up that S. MK with another S. MK. If your opponent hits a 5 frame Medium it will trade, but that’s the worst that can happen ( assuming you are outside of light range ). However, if you are a frame late, that 5 frame Medium will Counter Hit, and then you are hosed.

So I’d love to be able to validate my timing on that second S. MK. If I could set up the dummy to do a 5 frame normal after the hitstun, I could practice it, but as it is now, I just have to hope I’m getting it right.

I mean, the timing is the same for everything after that S. MK, so I can turn Counter Hits ON, and then follow up with a 4 frame Light. That way, if it combos, I know I timed it right. But, it’s still not quite the same as pressing S. MK twice… Doesn’t sound like it’s possible, but thank you for the ideas!


You might have to be one of your friends who plays to help you with it.