SFV is a DEMO. initial impressions

This game is a demo. Period.

It’s been increasingly popular for games to be released without some of their premiere modes functioning correctly. Match Making systems have had issues for alot of the recent titles (sans KI), but aside from the waiting two hours between matches problem, there’s not enough functioning content to keep you entertained while you wait. Modes functioning correctly is one thing, but to just flat out NOT have game modes available on release is mind blowing. It’s unprecedented. It’s ridiculous. It’s shameful. Premiere modes not functioning correctly isn’t exactly the same thing as premiere modes not even being included.

Challenge mode isn’t in the game yet. The store isn’t in the game yet. The battle Lounge doesn’t work, so I can’t even play this game with my friends who are online. Story Mode has 3 to 4 fights per character and then it’s over. Online Match Making doesn’t work. There is no Arcade Mode. There are unfixed bugs that have been known for literally a year that still exist. I just bought a 60 dollar training mode simulator that was billed as a full release.

Those are the facts I recognized yesterday. Capcom fXcked up this release badly. With as broken and fXcked up as the SFxT implementation was at pretty much every turn, you’d think they’d learn something. I guess not. Even though that game was broken and buggy, at least the modes worked. This release is even worse than SFxT. Free to play games come more complete than this.