SFV: Jump-In Follow-Up ( can't throw? )


Hey all,

I was experimenting with some stuff in SFV’s Training mode the other day, and I noticed something that seemed odd.

I set up a Dummy to Block All, and then I added a 3F jab on Guard Recover. I then started messing around with various Jump-In strings off of J. HP, HK ( playing M. Bison ). But what I noticed is that if I try to follow that air attack with a throw it will always get counter-hit.

It’s really weird, because if I can follow it with a 9F HK, and it will be a true blockstring; no gap. Yet if I follow it with a 5F throw, I somehow get hit first…? My only thought is that maybe I’m not technically close enough to throw after the air attack. It seems weird because I’m landing right on top of the dummy, but maybe the block pushback forces me out of range?

Does anybody know what is happening here?


You can’t throw opponents, who are in the state of blockstun. So what’s happening is that your throw is whiffing because it becomes active while the dummy is still in blockstun. After that you get hit out of your throw’s recovery.


Really!? How did I not know that!

So then, how do normal tick-throws work? Is your opponent actually exiting block-stun just before you throw them?