SFV Juri matchups thread



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anyone know how to punish Birdie’s slide. his slide where he goes head first into your feet.
he recovers so far away from me it doesnt seem i have a button to punish that move.
any ideas.
i would just show a gif of what i mean but i’m on a pc that doesnt have fraps at the moment. sooo…


It’s similar to Nash’s mk.flash kick. One of the consistent punishes is EX fuhajin but pffff


Yeesh, I havnt played this match up yet but I can imagine u can anticipate the timing on his booms with qcb flip kicks and just do it, this means not doing qcb on reaction, if ur not confident use ex I guess to make it safe. There is no reason for guile to be able to barrage u with booms all day without consequences since u have hazanshu’s.

I’m not completely sure if he can mix his booms with v skill boom to shut your hazanshus out. I’ll probably test it out tonight.


I wish the hazanshu was reliable at bypassing fireballs.

Sometimes you will get over the boom, hit him and still get hit by the boom.

I am not sure but maybe st.Lk can punish it, i know Ryu’s st.LK does so maybe ours can as well.


The slide is only minus 5 on block and has heavy pushback. Meaning unless he does it really close to you its safe on block. Even a complete scrub can usually still find the spacing to keep it safe on block. Just be ready to stick out a c.MK or s.MP after since hes not really going to be plus after unless his spacing was perfect.


Can someone tell me how beat Vega? This character infuriates me to no end.

Are all of this specials + on block? Cause no matter what I block he always beats out my attack with his pokes, it seems like I’m stuck in an infinite loop till the match is over :angry:


No, none of his specials are plus on block. Except maybe the EX wall dive.

This match is a royal pain, I really don’t know what to do. The neutral is retard hard. Especially if the Vega is smart and is using clawless stance, pretty tough fight.


So forgive me if this has been addressed already… but has anyone been talking about how Juri just blows up Guile??

I don’t make these claims very often cuz I do believe that this game is fairly well balanced in most regards, but Juri has a major game changer that totally wrecks Guile. Her V skill. Yes it sounds like an obvious good tool at first glance, but it’s absolutely GODLIKE. Hear me out:

For starters, I’m referring to her charged VS. Although we shouldn’t write off her (mostly shitty) non-charged VS. Of all the characters to use it against to get out of a corner, it’s arguably Guile. He loses his horizontal charge so his only punish is a raw flash kick on block (if he’s charging down, and if you space your VS well). It’s not great, but his punish potential is low for the risk.

Her charged VS is the shit. You can tap it any time you see any ‘flash’ from those beefy arms of his -whether it’s a boom or his own VS. It tears through each of those moves easier than a Frenchman tears through a croissant. It’s really leniant so just look for the flash (he might try to bait with a normal) and you’ll him him guaranteed.

Now how do you find the time to charge it? Good question.

Just charge it full screen or mid screen as you please, and if you reach a level 2 VS and he throws a boom, just let it rip. If he did VS boom, EVEN BETTER. Easy as pie.

But what happens if he booms early and I have to dash out and get hit? Who cares! Juri is unique in that she retains her charged VS even if she is knocked out of it during animation. And so what if you take a tiny bit of boom damage if you mistimed it a bit -you can dish out 100 dmg to him next time he tries anything! In fact, having the VS charged alone makes him rethink using his only really good tool, making him try to fight you with only his fists.

You can also find time to charge your VS in another circumstance. Right after hitting him with a VS! :smiley:

If you do this, just play with the above tactics and get results! He will catch on and try to boom you on his wakeup (with ex to catch you most likely) but you can always bait that shit out after he starts adjusting and instead hit him with your hazanshu!

This tactic shuts down his whole game imo. I love it.


Wouldn’t this be similarly strong vs Nash Ryu and other projectile characters then?


if the M.Bison match up in SF4 was bad it feels even worse now.


It’s definitely similar, but the reason it shuts down Guile more than anything is because projectiles is Guiles entire game. Nash and Ryu are extremely strong in other aspects and have tools to back themselves up if their fireball game is threatened. If you take away Guiles booms you take away 90% of his focus and tactic. What a lot of people don’t realize is how his anti air game is actually not that great, but it WORKS really well when accompanied by booms. He only hits you out the sky with ease cuz he MAKES you jump and controls space with his booms. Take that away from him and he crumbles.

Also Nash’s hp boom recovers quicker than any of Guile’s so you might not be able to time it right every time on reaction. But it is definitely a legit tactic against him. Sako uses it sometimes.


The matchup is most likely bad for Bison now. Bison’s mid range game is pretty shit now so I don’t see how he would threaten Juri much. He can’t walk up and poke and charge special her out of stores as easily as he could in IV. He’s a much more stiff character that she can take advantage of in the mid range and he still has his trademark subpar/situational AA game.


but how do you punish his specials now?
in 4 you could barely punish anything he did, especially scissor kicks. now it feels that much harder to punish anything he does.


When playing against good guiles, ryu, Nash’s, you won’t have the space to charge vskill that often. The only matchups where I find her vskill to be a game changer is against sim and fang.


I agree that good Nash and Ryus won’t put up with it, but i still think that Guile suffers more because of his charge and weaker tools. If you’re full screen you can absorb his booms with your ‘stock’ kick, and if he does his VS even once you can find an opening. Its not always a guarantee that you can charge your VS, but when you do it also baits them into chasing after you more as well.


Its sfv you can just v reversal his shit and get space. Anything thats not tight you can mash 3 frame c.lk out of also.


that Urien match up tho.

only think i can really add is that his headbutt goes over her fireball so you cant lock him down with it after knockdown and that alot of his shit is unsafe so just block and play patient.


My favorite thing about the Urien matchup is Urien not having a cross up and juri having great forward walk speed. Use that to your advantage and he shouldn’t really be able to jump in on you at all.


So what’re your guys thoughts on her good and bad match ups.

Wins against: