SFV Juri matchups thread



I’m still very uncertain about every match up because I know I’m not getting the best practice against random people online. I just pulled myself up into super gold using Juri this week though, so I feel like my progress with her is at least shaping up a bit.

I feel like there are only a few match ups I have a solid opinion on so far and the rest are just up in the air until I get real experience.
Nash - I’ve only just started to feel like Nash has to be very careful against a lot of her options. And that I can pretty much punish a ton of things on reaction.

Sim - Even though I lost to two sims in a row at the last tournament I competed in, that was all on me and not the match up. I feel like sim needs to be very careful any time she charges her Vskill.

Birdie - his Vskill doesn’t zone her out well and he lacks good wakeup. She can also punish whiffed chain grabs from full screen. His slow walks speed makes it easy for her to make space to maneuver around.

Loses to:
Chun - Juri can definitely fight chun, but she gets to play as safe as she wants to and Juri needs to take a lot more risks to win this match up. Bad Chun players online, who try to bully without thinking, can get blown up hard by a Juri who knows what to punish. But when I run into very smart Chun’s, they can chase Juri down, and safely pressure her int he corner without too much effort.

Matches that feel bad, but I don’t have enough experience against:**

maybe Guile


She wins against anyone who utilizes a fireball imo, so if Ryu likes to zone he is in a pretty bad spot. Especially since we’re more prone to jump and she does a shitton of damage / mixups and cornercarries.

On the other hand, anyone who can force his offensive gamestyle in a game wins. This goes also for any character imo.


vs Alex while stuck in the corner and he has better buttons than you.
What to do?
dont say v reversal
V reversal cant be the answer to every match up situation.


vskill out of corner


its tough cuz his pokes have tremendous reach and seems to stuff all my movement period.
i’ll try to upload the matches in question. its actually against Hawkingbird’s Alex. but i dont have Fraps on this new pc yet.


stand MK a lot. and start trying to walk forward. attempt to counterpoke with MP or cr MP. Buffer either of those into vskill, or just ex fireball. ex dp a limb, and get out. etc.

Having your vskill charged all the time helps a lot for escaping the corner. as a counterpoke buffered into vskill will not combo unless its charged up. But both can take people by surprise a lot.


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What am I missing against Dhalsim? People here say he’s a good matchup for Juri but I just got blown up three times in a row. Yeah, V-Skill is nice but I can’t beat him with V-Skill alone. Clever pressure from Sim never leaves him negative and teleport means you can never really safely stock unless you got a knockdown which you should use to pressure him instead.


Stand Jab pretty much destroys any teleport. If it’s a high teleport where it won’t reach, air grab that shit.

If you have 1 bar he can’t really throw yoga fire out.

Also he can’t react to your stores so if your opponent is antsy to catch you storing, just bait it out and punish.


I have a really hard time with claw vega, any pointers? I have a hard time against people who have good range on their buttons, but with vegas walk speed it feels like whole nother level. I probably just need more mu experience experience to try and space around it


So basically you have to lame him out and force him do to stupid teleports. I actually managed to win the runback later by doing this so it seems to work.

Also totally forgot about EX Hazanshu, oops.


Yea it just really depends on your opponents playstyle. It’s hard to counter poke against him with Juri but I like to use b.hk when I do. I like to play really patience in this matchup, but using her fast walk speed and long dash can definitely help with positioning

I have trouble with the vega matchup in general no matter what character I use, so I wouldn’t want to try to give any info on that matchup lol.


Gief seems another total nightmare at the moment. The amount of work you have to put in to do as much damage to him as he can do to you with a single SPD is just ridiculous. Anti-airing seems dumb, too, because st.HK trades more often than not and he can throw you out of mk. Pinwheel with air SPD. I’m always happy when I can get him down to 50% health because that’s pretty much the best I can hope for at the moment. His V-Skill blows up st.HK in neutral as well.


Fireball and mk pinwheel are your friend in the zangief matchup. I try to keep lk fireball stored and vskill charged. Having vskill charged is nice because if you confirm anything into it or whiff punish with it, it will give you better screen position since zangief will slowly walk you to the corner.


Good gief is always tricky if he’s good with flex’s, but yeah; fire ball and medium dp AA is money vs him. once you score a knock down you cant be afraid to continue pressure on him with tick throws and frame traps


So you guys never get grabbed out of mk. Pinwheel? I swear the Giefs I played so far have pre-emptively used air SPD in one of three jumps and just caught my Juri spinning around in the air.

Charged V-Skill is a good point though considering how slow some of his normals are. Will use that more, thanks.


Air SPD is extremely risky to use in general. You have to make a very big read to do it that will get you punished for free if you screw it up. If air SPD was that good the shotos would have a hell of a time trying to AA Gief. Pretty much all of the Giefs I’ve fought rarely ever use it.

You’re most likely just doing the MK pinwheel way too early if you say they are “catching your Juri spinning around in the air”. The best point to MK pinwheel is the point where you should NOT see Juri spinning around in the air any ways. If you’re doing it that early where you see her visually spinning then you run the risk of losing the invincibility frames before it hits. There’s no need to do it that early into their jump.

Tested it in training mode and yeah you’re just doing the pinwheel way too early. If you do it as late as possible he can’t grab you. I believe air SPD is technically an attack and not a grab so that means you are running out of invincibility frames. Which means you were probably losing to other jump attacks that you shouldn’t have as well.


I’m overly anxious when using pinwheel as an anti-air because I don’t know exactly when she’s invincible and for how long. So basically I can just use it like a traditional Shoryuken and hit them pretty deep? Because that would certainly help me a lot since I tend to avoid it altogether against characters with quick jumps at the moment.

Edit: Ok, I remember why I tend to do it early: she’s not invincible, she’s upper-body invincible. Meaning if you’re too late you’re probably going to get hit since the opponent’s attack is reaching further down. Plus it’s a 6-frame move if I saw that correctly. So the best time seems to be after the opponent is about halfway through his falling distance back to the ground I guess?


Yeah it’s essentially a DP that works for the upper half of the body. Just do it as late as possible and you’ll win, period.


What’s the plan against Rashid?

Every button he has is safe on block and comparable startup, they seem to stuff everything. Bar cr.mk which is -2 and sweep.
Specials are all safe too except stupidly spaced stuff.

Once you get to start something it’s fine but it’s the neutral I’m struggling with, within a certain range his double chop and HK seem to stuff everything and CC leading to massive damage.

Am I missing something?