SFV Juri matchups thread



Does Gief beat juri?

Sure feels that way.

I mean sure she can keep him out but Christ once he’s in at all it’s lights out. His damage vs her without stores is crazy. I guess his whole game is designed around walking through damage to get a big pay off but Jesus ha ha
His pokes are strangely better than average against her too.


I’m still contemplating how I feel on this match up. I tend to either stomp it, or get stomped in ranked.

But there are two things in particular that helped me a lot when I started doing them.

1- charge your v-skill. you can backdash and charge easily vs Gief. He is so slow he can rarely punish you for this. I then use V-skill to whiff punish his longer startup normals in the footsie game. So like his big armored HP, sweep, RH, etc. Or I look to poke a limb and cancel into v-skill to get out of the corner. anytime they get hit by it, I just charge it again, so I always have it.

2 - use her air target combo. A lot of Gief’s like to armor through her jump ins. This won’t net as much damage as a real jump in combo, but the second hit of the target combo will knock him down so you can get some oki.

VS Rashid… I dunno yet at all, I hate this match up. I just try to use my meter for ex Ryo so I can flip through fireballs reliably. That’s sort of all I got so far on him.


Rashid I find HK store will punish most of his long pushback moves on block and if he’s close you just have to be super patient and ready to tech.

I find him a lot easier now than say Ibuki, who confuses the crap outta me. Need more matchup experience against her for sure.

Gief… Gief is a jerk. I hate his iron body. It’s invincible.


Everyone says Gief is a bad match for Juri, but I’ve never had a problem with them. M.k Pinwheel as late as possible to not trade, use l.k Fuhajins to keep preasure and if they’re flexing alot then a few dash up throws will deter that. Stock l.k to male h.k Fuhajin safe and throw them out as he approaches to put him on tilt.


It’s once he’s in he undoes your 10 fireballs and 5 antiairs that with that one read. I guess that’s just zangief by nature and my old man reactions ha ha.

Can we all take a moment to pray that the absolute bullshit that is Ryus j.lk and his jab antiair are nerfed into the damn ground asap. Christ I have never faced such nonsense in a game in my life.


Still need to play Marvel before you see real nonsense. Buttdive crossing you up even though Doom is in front of you and then you die makes J.LK very fair.


pretty sure Alex is a terrible matchup for Juri


Yeah. His damage is ridiculous in comparison and trying to anticipate command grabs isn’t even worth it, so he gets free grabs all day because his hit confirms hurt even more. It#s more or less impossible to keep him out as well, which is pretty much her MO in the Gief/Mika/Laura matchups (and it kinda works there if you’re on top of your game).

Another matchup I consider borderline stupid is Urien by the way. No matter the distance, she’s always at a disadvantage. And punishing headbutts is a total pain in the ass because her CC-buttons are slow (HK) or have no range at all (cr.HP).


The problem I have with Alex isn’t just the damage it’s his elbow move and his buttons. She can’t play footsies with him and expect to win and the elbow can punish fireball charge free.


Gief’s splash counters her s.FP anti air because it’s entirely horizontal. It’s such a pain in the ass.


Messing around in training mode I’ve barely gotten s.HP to lose to splash. Not sure if there’s a certain angle he has to jump from, but generally I was stuffing it. Either way MP pinwheel beats it clean all the time any way.


I just switched from Laura to Juri, despite being less powerful overall I was happy to finally be able to match up against Zangief and having buttons to keep him at bay, then I remembered that he’s getting a move to counter straight angled kicks… how to change the strategy when that comes in?


Pray to the capgods for her to get fs.mp back in s3?


Oddly, I like fighting Urien more than any other match up. I hear people say its 7/3 in Urien’s favor, but I am certain it is one of my highest win rate match ups.


I don’t think Urien vs Juri is 3 7 bad. You have to be just really bad at using Juri or fighting Urien for it to be that bad. Charged V Skill eliminates him throwing any fireballs to cover his approach or whiffing certain other specials which is already very useful in the mu.

Just don’t be predictable with your s.mk and s.hk patterns. Most Gief players on the foru have said they won’t even use it because it gets crush countered if whiffed and doesn’t give any oki on hit.


Yeah, I find the match up just fine. I remember Infiltration said 7/3 a while back on that stream. Not sure if he was exaggerating, or he plays some higher level Urien players that make the match up feel so difficult for him. But I’ve always found it to be one of the more enjoyable match ups for me to play with Juri.


What’s the best way to deal with Bison that does devil’s reverse over and over besides charged V-skill, around ultra gold - plat? it gets boring really fast.
If its on casuals and I run into a bison that just spams I just take advantage of it and go for bathroom break, its not like either of us will learn anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Mix up AAing with hp or mp/ex pinwheel (not against ex), dashing under, blocking, early jump back, and Vskill. Just be ready for lots of mashing mp and/or hk… that’s all these types seem to know after you take away DR. They will almost certainly go back to DR once they pop VT, and almost always go behind… just dash forward.

At least that’s what’s worked for me. If a Bison starts that shit I just back up, store up, and work on my reactions.


Walk under s.HP seems to work alright


Walk under b.HK to LK fua/store does a good job at discouraging it but its not reliable enough…