SFV Juri matchups thread



Long story short sometimes you have no choice but to block if he does EX Devil’s Reverse and then V Reversal if he throws another button after.

Sometimes they like to go behind you with the EX or standard reverse so have to be patient for that first. Moving out of the way of EX or blocking is the best option since you at least get him to burn the meter and don’t put yourself in a bad situation trying to fight it.


So, how do you approach kolin with that fucked up v-skill of hers.


It’s minus 7 on block so you’re probably pressing too many buttons if you’re getting blown up by it.

If you block it and she’s close enough you can do s.MK cancel into MK fireball for pretty decent damage. Otherwise c.MK to HK or EX fireball is good


Ah ok cool. Im slowly starting my climb up the ranks and I haven’t ran into too many kolins yet. Well good ones anyway until last night, guy kept me on total lock down, I had nothing :frowning: . I figured I would have to slow down my approach a bit.


ok seriosuly how the fuck you deal with Rashid? fucking retarded shit ass char only has safe stuff and blockstrings apparently


Try to react to throws. And let him push himself out by blocking. He has a lot of ways to hit 3f buttons from what I can tell. Usually I try to hit buttons after he does qcf.lp usually unless he has meter.vm

His fireball has slow start up. Enough to get a v skill lv.2 ready. Use that to react to his whirlwind fireballs or ex hazanshu. I can’t even remember the name anymore lol.

I try to go air to air with him whenever he jumps. His jump ins have good hit boxes plus a dive kick. He can alter his jump-ins in too many ways to try to AA from the ground. He can put you in the corner easily and get out almost just as easily.

His v-trigger is scarier when it has you trapped in the corner. Otherwise if I’m mid-screen. I try to get away from it so i can just focus on rashid and not worry about any pending left right up down mixup. It’s not worth trying to tackle.

St.lk, cr.mp, hp spinning mixer, v-trigger, CA, EX spinning mixer are all good oye decent AAs.

It’s easier to let him kill himself in the match I find than outright going on an assault.


Rashid is tough, I find him one of her harder matches still, but I’ve definitely found a few holes to get momentum back, they just usually require meter =/

The main problem is he can punish basically any charge on reaction, so using her lvl 2 vskill is hard enough, but valuable when you can get it. Keep in mind you can only use it against Rashid’s vtrigger in reaction to the activation. Otherwise, it will stop her when it it out on screen.

Her HK charge will punish most blocked eagle spikes, but its hard to charge, because he can punish you charging up… with eagle spike. Occasionally he will be pushed back to where you won’t be able to punish as well =/

If you corner him almost 100% of Rashid players will look to wall jump out and put you into the corner. so be wary of this.

They also love to do pressure into their heavy fireball. This is not a true string in the slightest, and ex flip kick goes right through it on reaction. Always be on the look out for this when you are cornered as it is the lowest risk way to push your way out… but it needs meter.

Vreversal is your friend in this match up, I hardly ever save for vtrigger activation against him as I’d rather use this meter to get space when I can. Always try to look to use it on things he cannot tick throw you out of.

If you are cornered you have to be patient about not pressing buttons. They will HP in your face all day. buffering mp, or cr mp into ex fuha or flip kicks is good here to push yourself out as well if you can react to him whiffing the right buttons.

Keep in mind if they have meter as well. They love to ex DP after a blocked mixer, which is -2. If they have the meter, just block and punish.

Basically, this is another match where you have to react to everything correctly and he can be kind of a dipshit and throw things out without much risk. It is very frustrating. Most of this advise is good against lower to mid level players who love to play like a nut with him. VS a strong player who is also using Rashid, good luck, and keep your meter for ex flip kick and vreversal, as they will pressure you right into the corner and keep you there as best they can.


any tips for Boxer?


Block, block, block block, CR. MK into HK release, pray.
Depending on how good they are at spacing sometimes CR. MP will also reachwich means you can punish into ryodensatsu.


The other match-up thread has a video with punishes on boxer, I generally try to stay close so if he does a random dash punch i can punish and start my offense from there, stay in the space between his lp and mp dash punch range to whiff punish lp dash punch and make mp unsafe. Aside from that, respect his sHK, its its plus 3 on block, you have to play perfect because two combos and you’re dead. I poke with sMK to keep his dash punches at bay, and jab out his kkb on block so he doesn’t get overhead happy. I always block low and react to the overhead. Her fireball is really good to keep Rog at bay but don’t get too predictable or he will kkb right through it and punish.


Any suggestion on how to deal with head press/devil’s reverse from Dictator? I know one solution it to air to air it but sometimes I still get hit, also what to do if they spam devil’s reverse in v-trigger? just dash away? can I punish it in any way?


I use HP to aa it or jump back if they like going behind. If it’s not ex you can just walk back and he’ll wiff. Dashing under and v skill can avoid it if you’re quick. Once he gets v trigger, try to find which side they hit on and avoid it… just don’t get predictable.

Next time you run into bison, back off and store up. 99% of them will start trying dr and stomp to get in… use it to practice.


So no way to actually stuff V-trigger devil’s just wait for him to finish the bar?


Yeah, more or less. I don’t see how everybody complains about Rog’s damage, but Dictator’s EX devil reverse is as good of a way to get in as Cammy’s season 1 EX Divekick


Not sure anyone has a real solid solution for ex devils reverse. Juri might actually have some of the better ways around it and its still a pain in the ass. There’s a reason you never seen dictator’s use their critical art.


I always v skill or dash away, its stupid hard to dp unlike Vega’s dive… I don’t understand why I can’t consistently anti air it.


it has 16 frames of invulnerability. It is pretty hard to beat with anything. Pair it with how he can maneuver it so much and it becomes pretty hard to stop.


Seriously what the fuck do I do against Claw? I can’t get one fucking attack in


How do you deal with Akuma air fireabll? Is it possibile to start a combo on him while he lands?


I’m pretty sure his air fireball is - on block, so you can just guard. I usually dash under and combo or v skill if i’m too far.

When he is in v trigger I usually EX Ryo or charged v skill.

Shame ex dp gets stuffed by fireballs.