SFV Juri matchups thread



Charged v-skill right when is landing will work, but no combo, if you want to combo you need to cross underand hit them when they land.

is - on release but it will connect with you on landing making it plus if you block.


Easy. Hp Dp/tensenrin is now projectile invinxible after the 3rd frame. Akuma’s air fireballs aren’t that good in general. If you have v skill charged and use hp dp he really can’t air fireball you


for some reason i tought that his fireball would hit trough the HP DP invincibility, dunno where i read that


Ah yeah it doesn’t seem to get through. Either way if you charge up v skill he cant really throw one without getting pubushed as you can go through and punish recovery


Yeah HP Tensenrin doesn’t beat air fireball because of reasons.


Depending on the range, you can take a step forward and do HP DP. It will go under the fireball and hit Akuma clean. You can also LP DP under him and punish his landing, but you’re screwed if he does a regular jump attack. If Akuma is doing the fireball low to the ground or tiger kneeing them, then he’s usually punishable on block.

From further ranges, EX Ryo and charged vskill work. They also work well against his vtrigger air fireballs that a lot of Akuma players like to use to get in late in the match.


How do I beat out Ryu’s AA jab? It seems to beat all my jumping attacks clean, whilst even beating my cross ups


Be more unpredictable with your jump timings to make him doubt the anti air. Use different buttons and timing to stuff it, HK early, LK lata and so on. Honestly work more on not needing to jump to get in, or use the fireball to protect your way in after a blocked string. crLP>stMP>crMK>fireball >>jump. They hardly anti air after something like this because of the fireball being on their face.


What’s the plan against Zangief apart for trying to keep him away with LK Fuhua release and charged V-skill? I really hate playing against him :angry:


Actually pressuring him works just fine, the problem with zangief is that if he gets you and you guess wrong on rise you are fucked. In my opinion the matchup is all about who understands the other tendencies earlier.


I’m testing some things with Rashid, I’ve noticed that while LK Eagle Spike is always punishable on block with Juri cr.HK, MK and HK ES can be spaced in order to make them safe similar to the way Rog players makes their Dash Straights safe, what i’m asking is: is it actually possible to dash and press some buttons before he completely recovers from the ES since it’s still -20 OB?

EDIT:Ok nvm, it was just me punishing it too late


Juri is pretty good at punishing max range stuff, her dash is 16 frames, so yeah, you can dash it and be +4 if he is at -20


Does Guile have any weaknesses that Juri’s tool set can exploit?


he has no 3 or 5 framer, which means she gets better frame traps… Also charged v-skill will force him to stop chucking booms, just look for the beginning of the animation and punish full screen booms forcing him to approach. Once he’s in the ground keep him there and force him to use bar to try and get out… basically, once you get v skill and lk store charged, the match is either even or slightly in juris favor.


Is it possible to react to his boom’s consistently? Sorry I can’t check it myself, I refuse to pay for a character I despise so much haha!


Let’s not get carried out here, this match-up being in favor if is laughable.
Booms needs to be reacted with charged v-skill very early because the recovery is so fast.
Anyway a tip I can give: when he walks with his booms to try and mix you up I suggest to look for a jump, if the Guile jumps air-throw


Juri has tools to get through fireballs, Guile’s booms can be reacted to but if you just want to run into a match without going into training mode to test out what you can react to then I don’t see how you can win any match-up specially with Juri tbh. If you feel unsafe with charged v skill you can always waste a bar to get close and ex ryo and be -2 if he blocks, but it travels slightly slower than charged v-skill so you basically have to predict it, but you’re safe. once you’re close, Juri has arguably better buttons which is why I say this becomes either 5-5 or slightly in Juri’s favor, but you have to make him respect you and force him to think twice about your v skill.


Thing is, your window for v-skill is tiny against him so you don’t have much room for error and is -18 on block and it can switches sides plus you need to have v-skill charged at all times to pose a threat, which usually means recharge right after hitting, with v-skill having no oki I honestly think as a Guile I would keep throwing booms even if I get v-skilled out and wait for a mistake to go to town maybe even try and corner myself, start my v-skill but don’t throw the boom to bait; now I have a -18 Juri (a char who struggles with pressure) in the corner. That said I find myself winning nearly all matches against Guile recently, so I suppose all the practice paid out.
But 5-5 is a stretch. You put 2 conditions to it for starters having fireball and v-skill charged, and honestly that’s true against all of fireball characters in the game, but a smart opponent will try and take those tools away from a Juri.
I think Juri players biggest advantage against Guile is that we know the MU since Guile is a strong character that a lot of (spineless) people use, so we can practice while your average Guile lacks Juri knowledge.
I lost count of how many times random Guiles tried to go for their dumb walk with slow fireball jump-in mix-up just to find themselves air thrown


So uhm, I’m a bit embarassed about this but, how do you beat Alex? He’s by far my worst matchup, to the point that I know he’s going to beat me no matter the rank when I see him


Explain what you’re losing to, EX Alex main here