SFV Juri matchups thread



Pretty much everything he does, It’s probably a combination of my ignorance about the character and my phobia for big scary grapplers.
I should really do some research about him
EDIT:yeah, looking at his frame data and his normals it’s probably because i let him play his game instead of going for pressure


Just always remember that Lariat is plus on block, get ready to neutral jump or anti air his stomp and headbutt expecially if you see him do crouching short xx crouching short, try to store in blockstrings because he will do slash elbow and hit you even if you store fullscreen, watch out for dash up command grab.


^^ basically that , he gets nothing from his command grab, if he dashes in after command grab he’s -4 so basically you can press any button.
He has no 3 framer or invincible reversal so once he’s on his back you get all the pressure on his wake up. also because he has no 3 framer the ex fuha os is really good here.


I take back what I said about Alex, Ryu it’s my worst matchup by far, I’m totally free for that character.
How the hell do you beat him? I gues the LK fuhua it’s useless to approach him since his fireball goes fullscreen
@“DevilJin 01” could pls take a look at my last Ryu match?


wait, what, how?
What exactly are you having problems with?


My biggest problem is that I’m too scared to eat a random tatsu/dp and end up not moving and eating all his pressure until he finally gets me with a throw or an overhead


Ryu is not one of those characters who can pop V-Trigger and go nuts. He, like Juri, is about controlling space, and Juri has the better tools in this matchup to control that space. Ryu doing random tatsu and DP is just as risky as Juri doing random ryodan and DP. You should not be scared of these things. Don’t sit still, you can feel your opponent out without going crazy. Walk back and forth. Store from far ranges and get your lvl2 vskill so he cant throw fireballs. If he walks back, you walk forward. Don’t be afraid of throws. Scout out how he gets those throws. Does he jump? Does he dash after a blockstring? These are thing you can stop, but not if you’re scared and not moving.



Ryu has basically the worst fireball of the cast in terms of recovery, you can lv2 v-skill it or ex ryo on reaction pretty consistently and it’s easy to convince him to stop throwing them full screen.

I think you are looking at Juri’s fireball the wrong way, it’s not for zoning, its slow and doesn’t travel far, her fireball is for controlling space and force you’re opponent to do something and extend your turns. ie. after a blocked max range crMK you throw your fireball and you’re safe to keep moving forward with pressure or stock v skill/stores or you wait and see what he does, you have time to store another fireball and still DP if he jumps.


Any tips on beating Dhalsim? Outside of using super I can’t seem to meaty him out of his teleport, am I mistiming it or can he simply teleport on wake up unchallenged?


you can v-skill on reaction to it, fucks him up real good.


Just tried that and the level 2 works a treat :smiley: Is his teleport 1 frame?


It has 1 frame of startup, so you can meaty throw him if he tries to do it on wakeup, I think it is strike invincible from frame 1 though


Awesome, I got new shit to try.

Thanks :smiley:


Ok what’s the general plan against dictator apart from using v-reversal and EX DP to stop his pressure?
What’s the best button to AA his head press and the skull diver/devil revers followup? And when it comes to head press+skull diver should I AA him before the head press hit or wait for the skull diver?
Man, Bison and Rashid makes me feel so powerless


Most Bison’s try and force you to block, and then start doing untrue strings to get as many d/f+hp’s as possible. You need to choose the right time to press a button and stop him, he’s terrible when on the defensive. AA his Devil’s Reverse with MP.DP, just make sure he’s actually coming down onto you and trying to bait it.

St.hp is really good at AA’ing it as well, but loses if he comes down weirdly.



What’s your cfn? Would you like some matches?


Where ya from bud? I’m EU/UK, and my CFN is the same as my SRK. Just Froztey. I’ll show you my fraudulent Abigail that only uses cr.mk


East coast USA. I’ve been playing all night and I feel I had an epiphany when it comes to playing as juri.


Any thougts on Menat?


EX Flip kick is good for countering Menat’s long range pokes w/ orb.

Getting in is hard, so to get close: store fireball, block what will probably be her mid punch poke, release fireball and move in behind the fireball.

That’s all I got so far :confused: